Glasses Frames For Your Lifestyle and Personality - Step 2 

eyeglass frames on childrens face

Your glasses frames main purpose is to hold the lenses, but it will also affect your appearance.

Like a carefully choosen coat that fits you, the shape, color and thickness of the frame will all affect how you look. So choose your frames carefully.

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Frames for distance vision 

Your activities will be affected by the characteristics of your frames.

For driving consider the thickness of the frames:

Eyeglass Frame Driving
  • The frame must be thin so it will not impair your vision  
  • I recommend thin temples or arms, too, so they that don’t block your side vision (e.g. when you look at the side mirrors)
  • The right frame is a slim and resistant metal, with titanium being the best.

For  sports there are:

Special Sports Eyeglass frame

  • Special frames such as: extra-resilient plastic (e.g. polycarbonate), that is thin and lightweight, with rubberized arms for better grip and with an aerodynamic shape
  • The regular thin and lightweight, but resilient titanium which withstand shocks or Flexon frames, which are highly flexible

For prescription sunglasses plastic frames with dark lenses, have a pleasing look. 

You can put dark lenses in metal frames too, but they are heavier and less comfortable.

An alternative to prescription sunglasses are the EasyClip glasses, with the ability to attach sunglass lenses any time you need it.

For TV, you can choose whichever glasses frames you like the best.

Frames for intermediate vision 

Whether you are at the office or working on the computer, for intermediate vision thin frames are the best. 

These can be made from titanium or other metal. With metal frames, your field of vision is wide and uninterupted. This means the screen light is not reflected by the edges of the frame, which gives the impression that your vision is limited. If you have worn glasses before and are not bothered by light reflection, you can use any frame.

You can choose rimless or semi-rimless frames, so you don't see the frame front when reading or working at the computer. In addition, these frames are considered "business" frames, and will enhance your professional appearance. You can choose any color, but for the office black, gold or silver frames are the most presentable.

Frames for near vision 

For these glasses, known as reading eyeglasses, the appropriate frames types are:

Reading Eyeglasses

  • A half frame: these have a narrow frame front and are sloping at the top, so you can easily look over them. This choise is goog if you do not have a prescription for distance vision.  
  • Rimless or semi-rimless glasses frames: They will not bother you during reading since you won't see the bottom of the frame. 

If you do not like the rimless or semi-rimless frames, and you do not want to look over the lenses repeatedly, you can choose a full frame, but avoid the frames for smaller lenses. Choose a larger one. If your eyes are tired, focusing through a small lens is harder. 

For shapes, you can choose cat eye, half eye, oval, oversized, rectangle, round or square. All of them are shaped for a maximum field of vision.

If you need to have your glasses with you and want to fit them in your pocket, a practical solution is the folding eyeglasses.

Frames for multifocal vision 

Whether they are for bifocals, degressive, trifocal or progressive lenses, these frames need to have minimum height to allow for clear vision at all distances.

Your optician can tell, what the minimum height is for your prescription. Keep this in mind when choosing your frames.

For progressive lenses, you can have narrow lenses. But if these are your first progressive lenses, I recommend that you choose a larger frame because it is easier to get use to them.

These are glasses that you will wear all the time, (driving, walking, watching TV, computer, reading), so a stylish frame is the best, to go with business, casual or sport clothes. 

You can choose any shape and color you like as long as you consider your optician's advice.

Helpful tips

For increased comfort, it is good to choose a frame that has spring hinged temples and is made from a flexible material.

You can read more about frames for your personality or...

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Glasses frames for your personality

Your personality or the image that you want to project to others, will determine the frame size and how visible will they be on your face.

When someone looks in the mirror, they want to look as good as they feel. You'll see at least one of these features in a person's eyeglasses, which can be:

Gentle or shy personality

If you are a gentle or shy person, you’ll feel better with a frame that is discreet, like these:

gentle personality glasses frames
  • Rimless frames almost invisible because they don't go around the lenses
  • Semi-rimless frames less noticeable going only around half of the lenses
  • Frames with gentle curves using appropriate materials like titanium  

There are other materials also for thin glasses frames such as gold, silver or platinum. These are used less frequently due to the price.

Strong personality

If you have a strong personality, frames can be bold, drawing attention. These frames will be more visible on your face, like these:

strong personality glasses frames
  • Plastic frames, which are thick
  • Full metal frames. Although they can be thinner, because they encircle the complete lens, they are more visible
  • Wooden frames more visible, too

Regardless of personality, you can choose your frames by gender: women’s frames for females and men’s frames for male. There are also unisex glasses frames.

First of all, your frames must be comfortable to wear, then be suited to your lifestyle and, lastly emphasize your personality. If you keep this in mind you’ll have eyeglasses, which you will wear with joy, and also be a fashion accessory for you.

Read more about choosing eyeglass frames, according to the color and your face shape.  

Your next step – Choosing eyeglass lenses

To understand the importance of another part of your eyeglasses, you can learn about lenses here...

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