How thick would plastic lenses be on a round size 48 frame?

Q: I want to get plastic lenses because of the high abbe value.

The glasses I'm using currently are hi-index plastic and while it's ok, it doesn't feel as good as my older plastic pair.

I'm aware it will be thicker than hi-index, I was just curious if anyone had an idea of how thick? My prescription is -5.50 -1.50 and the frames are 48-21-145.

A: Hello,

A plastic lens, with your prescription, unpolished, is about 11-12 mm at the thickest point, at 70 mm size.

Because your frame is 48, it will be thinner, about 6-8 mm, thinner at the spherical part, so I think a plastic frame would be a good idea to hide the thickness.

Hope this helps,

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