How to Use the Right Eyeglass Cleaner

A quality eyeglass cleaner, not only will clean your glasses very well, but will not damage them, now I am referring especially to lens cleaning. Therefore, it is necessary to know what to use for.

Cleaning eyeglasses is an activity that you will do mostly yourself, but you can always opt for a professional cleaning.

Cleaning eyeglasses - Video

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Helpful Tips

If the eyeglasses are extremely dirty: dust, dirt, sawdust,  put the whole glasses under running water to clean bulk first, then wipe them, thus avoiding scratching them.

Only if you don’t wear your glasses you don’t need to clean them

You should know that your eyeglasses need regular cleaning, and this is the operation you do most often for their maintenance.

You can clean a pair of glasses:

We can divide eyeglasses cleaning into two parts:

1 - The most beneficial part is the lens cleaning

From the vision point of view, the lens cleaning is the most important. If your lenses are dirty, you will surely be bothered.

See some helpful tips about eyeglass lens cleaners.

Cleaning Eyeglasses

2 - The eyeglass cleaning means the frames too, not just the lenses

Get used to clean your glasses periodically

Once a week, wash the whole glasses under running water.  You can even use water with a mild detergent or a little mild soap. Finally rinse thoroughly glasses and when dried, wipe everything with a microfiber wipe and clean the lenses  with a lens spray.


Do this only once a week and the water should be warm, but not hot. Everything is hot can damage the lens coatings.

Clean your frame whenever needed

We are accustomed to thinking only about lenses when it comes to cleaning glasses that because if the lenses are dirty, we see that immediately. Not the same thing can be said about frames.

Besides using just eyeglass lens cleaners...

Whenever needed clean the frame with a soft cloth, the microfiber is best, even if the frames are not as susceptible to scratching as lenses.

For the best cleaning of both frames and lenses, without any risk.....

I recommend the professional cleaning  once a year 

If you do not have the time or do not have proper cleaning materials, go to the optical shop for professional cleaning. For example at our store, scheduled cleaning for glasses bought from us, it is free once a year. Maybe your optician has such deals.

The automatic eyeglass cleaner, used in professional cleaning, acts both mechanically using ultrasounds and chemically with a special solution. It is similar to those for cleaning jewelry , ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.

The advantage is that in this way it will clean off any dirt or substances that have reached the glasses without the risk of damage.

I recommend this cleaning at least once a year, depending on how much you wear your glasses and under what conditions. Call with confidence your optical store and they will help in this regard.

Occasionally or periodically, your eyeglass cleaning is necessary. Use the best eyeglass cleaner for optimum results and protection of your eyeglasses.

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