Eyeglass Accessories for Protected, Clean and Lasting Glasses - Step 4 

It is time to think about eyeglass accessories if you want to keep your glasses at hand and safe, for as long as possible. You will have clean eyeglasses and more comfort in their handling while these accessories can be fashionable things too.

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See what benefits you get from accessories in different activities, according to your color for best eyeglasses, chosen at Step 1:

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Accessories for distance vision 

You are in the car and drive to where you practice your favorite sport in a beautiful sunny Saturday. Once arrived, you will change your eyeglasses with the sport goggles (skiing, tennis, swimming).

You will leave the removed glasses in the eyeglass case to protect them from scratches.

Before put sports glasses, you must clean them with a microfiber cloth, and if they are too dirty you use an eyeglass cleaner spray.

Have fun.

Accessories for intermediate vision 

You have come to the office in the morning, and after you drink your coffee first thing you look for are your glasses, you have left yesterday on the desktop eyeglass holder. Or maybe they are in the glasses case if you work at home on your computer.

Eyeglass straps or eyeglass necklace that beautifies your glasses are useful when you take a break and remove them. Hanging from your neck are always at hand.

Lenses of course need to be cleaned periodically with eyeglass cleaning cloth.

Have a lovely day.

Accessories for near vision 

Reading relaxes you, so can not wait for some free time in which to take your reading glasses from the eyeglass holder or eyeglass case and read from the book of choice.

When you are interrupted and want to remove your glasses, the eyeglass strap helps to keep the glasses on hand so you can return to your favorite activity as soon as possible.

Have a pleasant reading!

If you get used to craft things around the house, being a temporary worker, sometimes you will need to protect your eyes during some works like sanding, cutting, drilling, against side impact materials. The scraps resulting can hurt your eyes.

You can protect your eyes with eyeglass side shields or safety glasses. They provide a quick side eye protection against impact and are inexpensive.

After work,  you will also need microfiber cloth and an eyeglass cleaner spray to clean your glasses from residues.

Happy crafting!

Accessories for multifocal vision

Glasses for multifocal vision as progressives or bifocals, you always wear them. Whether you are at work, driving, or during your free time outside, the chance to get dirty is higher, so the eyeglass cleaner accessories like microfibre cloth, cleaning spray, are indispensable.

I also recommend you an anti-fogging cloth or solution, so you can be comfortable entering from cold to warm rooms and not getting foggy lenses.

You must have an eyeglasses case for when you need to take them off though, like when you go swimming, or you are in a smoky or dusty environment.

At  night, can use a specific bedside eyeglass holder.

Jewelry eyeglass accessories

For all the fashion and jewelry lovers, accessories such as crystals on the frame or lenses, and designer eyeglass frames with logos are a fun option.

You can select a frame with a large temple and require little crystal flowers or shapes on them to fit with your favorite evening dress.

You can also choose eyeglass chains with crystals, gold or silver insertions.

You can change the eyeglass case, change the external material, glue crystals or anything you want on them, use different colors and materials so you can change them to go with different outfits.

The eyeglass accessories are useful and indispensable items to keep glasses in good condition. Choosing accessories can be funny, because of the multitude of offers and their role as decoration or their connections with fashion sometimes.

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