3rd pair of eyeglasses that are crackling in between the layers...

by R. Dawkins

Q: Please help.
I am now on my third eyeglasses that are showing machine like even crackling scratches INSIDE the lenses themselves.

There are no scratches on the outside, never dropped or left in a hot car, never washed in hot water. My eye doc keeps on warranting them, but it is so strange that 3 months or so after he replaces them they start crackling again.

It is very bothersome and blinding driving at night-time. I use them only while driving. Than over time they continue to get worse. I wash them in luke warm water gently with a little hand soap (non citrus).

My eye doc says he only sees this once maybe twice a year and I'm one of them.

Thank you so much for you advice...I really appreciate your concern in this matter.



Well, this can happen, but what is strange is that is happening often ; normally, if a lens has a factory defect, by changing the lenses, the problems go away, and is rare that the problem will be the same with the changed new lenses, and strange if it the same with the third lens.

Sometimes, cleaning products are to blame, even if they say it's safe, or washing them too often, sometimes just keeping the eyeglasses in the car all the time, with temperature differences it is enough to damage the lenses, there are many reasons that can be there, but we don't pay attention to them.

Maybe a good idea would be to find a different type of lens, one that is harder and more resistant to outside factors, you should talk to your optician and find a good option.

Hope this helps,

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