Need to Know Eyeglasses Parts

There are several reasons for you to identify some of the eyeglasses parts, out of lenses or frame, along with the advantages that these components provide. Knowing these parts:

  • It’s easier to explain to an optician your requirements, especially if you ask information over the phone
  • If you need to replace some parts yourself, you know what to look for in an online store

So, next I present you just those components which are…

Eyeglass parts most known and used

Eyeglasses Parts Fitted

Glasses Parts Fitted

Eyeglass Parts Disassembled

Parts of Eyeglasses Disassembled

The above images contain the names of those parts, about you should know some things when you choose or maintain them. These are:

Eyeglass Frame

The eyeglass frame, together with the lenses is the most recognized part, but the frame itself has several components with different functions. The terms that you would find mostly are:

  • Frame front: is the one that sustains the lenses, and it is the most visible on eyeglasses, having several parts, which we will not insist on. Its shape and thickness will make the look of the frame
  • Eyeglass temples: sustain the frame on the ears
  • Eyeglass nose pads: maintain the frame in a right position on your nose
  • Eyeglass screws: assemble together different parts of the frame using flexible or fixed components
  • Eyeglass hinges: the mobile pieces which together with the screws provide flexibility to different parts of the frame

An exception to this is the frameless eyeglasses, which differs from classical frame parts.

All these components are also eyeglass replacement parts together with...

The two eyeglass lenses

Lenses are the crucial part of eyeglasses, and you choose them according to your prescription from the optometrist, for your eyes correction.

There  is a wide range of materials, colors and specific treatments for lenses, so no matter what frame you like, you will find the lenses to suit.

The most notable aspect, is to follow your prescription, because the clarity of your vision depends on that. 

The eyeglasses components bring the following advantages:

glasses parts in hands

  • Fewer costs: changing just a part of the frame, instead all the eyeglasses
  • Mobility: the hinges allow the arms to open and close, flexible hinges open according to the head shape and size
  • Easy assembly/disassembly ensured by the screws
  • Desired comfort even after a long time use:  the nose pads are adjustable on your nose, and the temples can be adjusted to fit your head or the shape of your ears

To control every situation that might come to you as an eyeglass wearer, it is enough to know the eyeglasses parts presented in the images above, they being the most used.

Knowing this terminology, you will have a better understanding of the optician suggestions and can make a proper choice for any of the glasses parts.

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