Fendi Eyewear - Understated Elegance for All

Fendi eyewear is quite subtle and understated instead of incredibly trendy, making for a great, timeless, durable investment, which will withstand and outlast fashions and trends. It is especially useful for those buying prescription glasses, who may not want to swap their glasses each season as trends come and go. 

Although Fendi retains its prominence as a fur and leather specialist. The Italian fashion house is nowadays, also, quite attractive due to its beautifully made and elegant accessories, from handbags to timepieces to eyewear. They have both prescription and sunglasses, where the iconic logo is one of the most sought-after by specialists, as well as, department stores.

The Fendi logo

Fendi Eyewear LogoFendi Eyewear Logo

The iconic Fendi logo features a double F - one in its usual position and the other upside down – which is usually displayed in contrasting black over a yellow background. It was created by designer and Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld as he joined the company in 1965. Lagerfeld, who is also Creative Director for Chanel, as well as, his brand, is still very much a defining figure in the history of Fendi. 

Fendi is one of the top Italian luxury fashion houses and part of the big fashion conglomerate LVMH, with Louis Vuitton at the helm. The brand was founded in 1925 by Eduardo and Adele Fendi, and remains a brand specialized in fur and leather creations, as well as ready-to-wear garments.

The Fendi eyewear collections

Fendi Eyewear Shiny BlackFendi Eyeglasses FF 0009 D28

An excellent example of the brand’s simplicity and attention to detail is the popular Fendi FF 0009 D28 Eyeglasses.

These, while somewhat trendy with their chunkier frame and color, aren't as oversized or outlandishly shaped as other hipster frames.

These glasses have a classic, elegant style, not the least because of the simple but eye-catching gold logo on the side. They are great for round and oblong faces due to their angles, but, also, for oval faces. 

Another big clue about the brand’s unique and elegant nature is the inclusion of less trendy, thin metal rim glasses like those of the Fendi FF 0005 7QG eyeglasses and Fendi FF 0012 RHL eyeglasses.

Besides really making a statement at a time when bold hipster glasses are on trend, these frames are great options for oval faces, who can pull off most frames but should not be overwhelmed, square faces, as their virtually rimless edges are rounded and gentle, and diamond and heart faces, as they help balance the faces’ proportions.

Fendi Eyeglasses Semi Matte SandFendi Eyeglasses FF 005 7QG
Fendi Eyeglasses Gold/BlackFendi Eyeglasses FF0012 RHL

Fendi Eyeglasses Black CrystalFendi Eyeglasses FF 0003 6ZV

Now, if you are more into the statement eyewear, don’t worry, Fendi has you covered there, as well, with styles like Fendi FF 0003 6ZV eyeglasses.

Although the design itself isn’t incredibly bold, these glasses really pack a punch thanks to being covered in beautiful crystals, which makes them quite a trendy statement piece.

Besides those with huge personalities, people with round and oblong faces can pull these off best, although, due to the slightly gentler angles, these may, also, suit those with square faces.

All in all, Fendi eyewear is more about an understated, timeless elegance than following trends. It is one of the main reasons why the brand is so popular among different age and social groups, and is ideal for those looking for a long-lasting piece of eyewear.

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