Find the Best Glasses for Yourself - Step 1 

When someone asks: “Which glasses are the best?”

My answer is always the same: the best glasses are the ones that fit your lifestyle and are comfortable, durable and have an accurate prescription.

Glasses for your lifestyle

Let’s start with a few questions , that will help you choose the best glasses for your lifestyle:

What activities do you do every day that require glasses?

Here's a list to choose from, with distinct colors for each type of glasses, to help you remember them:

Distance vision glasses (for near sighted)

These glasses are for those who enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, where they need glasses for seeing at a distance such as:

  • Driving: you can be a professional driver or just spend most of your time driving
  • Sports: if you're passionate about outdoor and indoor sports
  • Outdoor activities where you need the protection of prescription sunglasses
  • For TV: If your job requires you to look at monitors from a distance several hours a day, or you need glasses to watch TV
best distance vision eyeglasses

Intermediate vision glasses 

You need intermediate vision glasses if you spend hours in a small area such as:

  • At the computer: if you work on a computer more than 3-4 hours a day
  • At the office: if you spend hours at a desk every day
best intermediate vision eyeglasses

Near vision glasses (far sighted)

You need near vision glasses if you are over 40 and have close vision problems (presbyopia), when doing activities such as:

  • Reading: If you like to read or your job requires that you read several hours a day
  • Using a tablet or reading an e-book: if you use tablets or similar electronic devices
  • Close up work:  if you do crafts or use tools for close up work several hours a day (i.e. you're an electrician)
best near vision eyeglasses

Choose the best glasses

To continue, choose a color for your type of glasses, depending on your daily activities:

Distance vision

Red for Distance Vision - Near Sighted (myopic)

Intermediate vision

Green for Intermediate Vision

Near vision

Blue for Near Vision - Far Sighted (hypermetropia)

If you need more than one type of lenses (i.e. distance vision + near vision or distance vision + intermediate vision + near vision eyeglasses), we have a separate section for this and your color will be:

Multifocal vision

Purple for Multifocal Vision

At next step, you will find  a menu for each of the colors (type of glasses), so you can easily read about the glasses you have chosen.

There are many choices for whatever you choose.

Your next step – Choose the glasses frames 

Glasses have two main parts: the frame and the lenses. Now that you have the best type of glasses for your activities and it's corresponding color, it is time to choose the right frame for your needs.

Continue to Step 2

For more detailed information about the parts of glasses, read the glasses parts section.

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