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Most of the items are eyeglass replacement parts, so if you have a little accident with your glasses, it doesn't mean that you have to throw them out and buy a new pair.

To spend less and make your eyeglasses last longer, find out next…

Eyeglass replacement parts

Eyeglass Replacement Parts
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As you know, eyeglasses can experience hits, folds, and they are subjected to various humidity levels and temperatures. Quite often, these things affect the shape, color and strength of your glasses.

Usually, at our store, customers have come with these problems:

  • Broken temples
  • Lost screws
  • Nose pads defects
  • Broken hinges
  • Damaged frame front 
  • Scratched or broken lenses

The good news is that all of these parts listed above (except the frame front) are eyeglass replacement parts and can be replaced. You will spend less money replacing the damaged parts instead of the whole frame. 

If you happen to break the front part of the frame, you have to change the whole frame. Even so, you can keep the temples, in case you need them later, and the lenses, which can be put into another frame in some cases.

The best option to repair your glasses

The least expensive way is to do it yourself. There are procedures for components such as:

  • Nose pads
  • Screws
  • Temples

these repairs can be made by you if you have the right screwdriver and the replacement part. 

Use an eyeglass repair kit

You can get an eyeglass repair kit. It usually has a screwdriver, pads and a few glasses screws. You can also use a magnifying glass.

I recommend that you only do this, if you have to, because ...

replacing glasses parts

If the screwdriver slips you can scratch the lens and cause more damage.

You can cross thread the screw and may not be able to remove it. Please work very carefully.

Easy procedures (replacing a screw or a nose pad) are low cost or free and can be done within minutes by an experienced optician.

So why bother with it?

You can also have your frame adjusted while you are there.

It is much more difficult if you try to replace a hinge. You risk spoiling the temple or the frame front.

For lens polishing, there is no way to do it yourself, because it takes specialized equipment and great expertise in the field.

These replacement operations:

  • Hinges 
  • Lenses 

can only be made by an optician, equipped with the necessary tools.

Where to find replacement parts

Check your local glasses store or you can search online to find the parts you need. The leading manufacturers or firms in the eyeglasses market provide eyeglass replacement parts for their glasses. 

If you can’t find replacement parts from the manufacturer company, do not worry. There are parts for every frame even if they are not from the original manufacturer.

Lack of original components can be a good thing. Experiment with colors and different materials. Choose what suits you best and you can get a fantastic pair of glasses.

If you need to change one or both lenses, your prescription lenses can also be purchased in a variety of options at any glasses store.

My suggestion is to go to an optician every time you have one handy!

Now that you know about eyeglass replacement parts, you can decide for yourself which option to choose to save time and money, depending on your circumstances.

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