Eyeglasses comfort

by Reed

Q: How can I adjust my eyeglasses so that they don't slide and they don't hurt my ears?

A: When it comes to adjusting eyeglasses not to slide, there are two adjustments that you can do, and you must consider the right combination between the two:

1. Adjusting the eyeglass temples behind the ears (the tips)
2. Adjusting the eyeglass nose pads

It is also necessary to know that it is best to go to an optician who will likely make these adjustments for free and more accurate.

But if you want to try and you think you can do this let's see what to do:

If your temples hurt your ears this means they are too tight, so loosen them up a little.

You must warm them up first with hot air, if not they will break. In our optical store we use a particular tool that blows hot air to heat the glasses frame. You can use a hair dryer to warm up your temples also.

Then you have to bend the end of the arm and loosen it up, so the temple don't hurt your ear anymore.

If you want your eyeglasses don't slide, tighten the nose pads arms, put them closer to each other, but with very tiny movements and using proper pliers. Sometimes it is necessary to tighten the temple tips too, but not is your case because they already hurt your ears.

Do this two adjustments until you find the perfect position. You will know when your eyeglasses will stay and not slide, and they will not hurt your ears anymore.

After you adjusted your glasses, put the frame on the table to check if it is okay in terms of adjustment. To be right both arms must meet the table equally.

One more thing! If the nose pads are not attached with screws (i.e. they are incorporated into the frame) you will not be able to adjust them. Definitely this must be done by an optician.

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Hope this helps,
Arpi – Admin

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Jul 25, 2013
Great information
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the useful information!

Feb 13, 2014
Another way to adjust your glasses
by: Anonymous

Best advice-go see a qualified Optician. Pay them what you think it is worth to get these back in line. ESPECIALLY if you purchased them online.

Optical shops won't be around if we don't help them pay the bills.

Being that no two people are alike, if you want to level the glasses on you...

Don't use your eyebrows for that one. You don't see out of your eyebrows.
Use your eyes. Tilt your head back slowly. Close one eye. When you see the bottom of your frame, STOP, Freeze.
Open the other eye.See the same amount of frame as the other side? If not,then they are not level.

No,it does not matter if they don't follow your brow line.
VERY few people are even close to being symmetrical on both sides of the face.

Jul 26, 2014
Replace Nosepads Frequently
by: Anonymous

Rather than constantly live with the glasses sliding down your nose and everything being out of focus (the overtight temples may have been an attempt to stop the nose sliding:-), replace the nosepads every few months.

The silicone nosepads that many glasses use nowadays don't slip at first, but they slowly adsorb the oils from the skin of your nose. Wash them with dishwater frequently to make them last a little longer. But when they start to slip badly, replace them!

Take the idea that nosepads should last as long as the rest of the frame and put it away in the same drawer as the dinosaur bones. (If you don't have a really tiny screwdriver, small fingers, lots of patience, and mechanical ability, just pay an optician to change them.)

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