Clean and Protect Your Glasses With
Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth  is the only eyeglass cleaning cloth accepted by lens manufacturers. It is a wipe used for mechanical cleaning, to remove dust, dirt, water, or whatever disturb the visibility through the lens. Sometimes you can use wet wipes.

Microfiber an excellent material

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The microfiber cloth has a soft material, which cleans extremely well the lenses and with the ability to protect the lens from scratching its sensitive surface while wiping. You can easily wash and reuse it over time.

Helpful Tips

  • Wash the microfiber in the washing machine with detergent, but check that you do not have dried pieces of detergent or water left over from washing
  • Wear a microfiber at you all the time

In the past,  was used the deerskin material for his outstanding qualities, but now microfiber exceeds its benefits, and because it is inexpensive now we use it most often as eyeglass cleaning cloth.

It comes in different sizes, shapes and colors.

Microfiber Cloth

The advantage of being inexpensive, sometimes even being offered for free, and that they are reusable, does not offer any excuse, if you have not a microfiber on you all the time. Through its unique proprieties, this material protects your glasses from damage by scratching.

You will find it in any optical store. Usually when you buy a quality frame, you will receive also a microfiber cloth. Some quality lens manufacturers will give one with their lenses.

I personally do not recommend to use any other stuff for wiping, to avoid physically or chemically damage. 

Some materials are too harsh. Others include small pieces of hard material or spread the dirt instead of cleaning it and scratch your lenses. Including here paper towels that contain small pieces of stiff paper that can scratch your lenses, so the paper is not an acceptable stuff for cleaning.

What you do when  do not have a microfiber at hand?

Instead of microfiber, you can use wet wipes or wash your glasses with water.

There are many wipes on the market, but some contain harmful detergents or alcohol both not appropriate for the lenses, so choose carefully. 

My opinion is to use them only in emergencies, when you do not have at hand microfiber or spray, or if it states on the packaging that contains no harmful detergents for anti-reflex coating.

Microfiber cloth is the newest and most advantageous material for eyeglass cleaning cloth. It can be used to wipe your glasses alone, in combination with a spray, or after wash the glasses with soap and warm water.

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