Eyeglass Lens Cleaner Tips

What eyeglass lens cleaner, do you use to clean your lenses?
It is a question often asked and for good reason, when I think of how many times I changed lenses at my shop, scratched due to improper cleaning.

Of course in this case,  the lens quality is also notable, but you should know that even the most powerful lens coatings can be scratched or even damaged, if you don’t use the right cloth or spray for cleaning.

Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

Clean your lenses whenever needed but, not in any way

I mean wipe the lens, whenever put your fingers on them or whenever they got something like water, dust, chemicals, or if they've been stored for a long time without protection, i.e. an eyeglass case.

The only material recommended by lens manufacturers, and I'm of the same opinion, is the microfiber cloth for mechanically wipe.


If the lenses are extremely dirty with mud, chemicals, pieces of dirt attached to the lens, to avoid scratching, you must first wash them under running water or use an eyeglass cleaner spray and only after, wipe with microfiber cloth.

From my experience,  I can say that my clients wipe the eyeglass lenses with a wide range of clothing materials ranging from silk, wool, polyester, cotton, continuing with bedding, chair covers, paper.

I think I can give a definition about how not to do this:

Glasses are wiped with any material soft enough to fold on the lens and is handy, so you do not have to look after specialized eyeglass lens cleaner for this. ...

Yes, it is convenient, but totally wrong. Even if this contributes to the lens sales in our shop, I am stubborn yet to tell customers what to use and how to wipe the lenses.

Periodically clean the lenses with eyeglass cleaner spray

This is a spray specifically made for cleaning lenses. It performs a chemical cleaning and contains such detergents that does not hurt the lens layers.

Eyeglass Cleaner Spray

It is better using the spray regularly 2-3 times a week, but not daily. Because at an excessively use, even these specific detergents can damage the lenses coatings.

Some sprays contain special substances that enhance their protection, after using them:

  • Anti-fog - for fog free lenses
  • Oleophobic - fats and oils are easier to clean and does not adhere to the lens
  • Hydrophobic - water does not stay on the lens, drain quickly

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Helpful Tips

  • When wiping the lenses  with microfiber cloth, you have to keep the eyeglass frame from the nose bridge in the middle.
  • Do spraying on both sides of the lenses.
  • Use only the cleaning solutions that protect the lens coatings like anti-reflection, hardening. You will usually find them at optical stores, and the protection properties are indicated on the package.
  • It is said that a solution that irritate your skin and eyes is not suitable for lens either, so limit to the delicate ones they will not damage your lenses.

If you don’t have at hand microfibre and spray to clean your lenses

You can use instead special wet wipes: for chemical and mechanical cleaning.

Another possibility is to wash the glasses with water and soap or detergent.

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Here are some answers about eyeglass lens cleaning



Wiping the lenses can affect the protection layers?

Yes, if you will use wrong materials like:

  • Other materials than microfiber cloth will scratch layers due to their hardness
  • Hot water peel off the coatings of the lenses or spoil them
  • Alcohol sprays deteriorate the lens layers



There are lenses that do not require cleaning?

All lenses need to be cleaned regularly, but there are some materials that withstands dirt better, so you need to clean them more rarely, like trivex lenses.



It is a good idea to fog with breath the lens before wiping?

That depends if you have consumed alcohol and your breathing contains it in a high proportion, you can damage the layers :))

Now seriously, steamy and wet lenses can help remove dirt, but will always be better using a specific eyeglass lens cleaner spray.

Always remember before you clean the lenses that an eyeglass lens cleaner like microfiber cloth, eyeglass cleaner spray, wet wipes, specially manufactured are best to clean and protect your lenses.

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