Trivex lenses vs.
Polycarbonate Eyeglass Lenses

Technology is evolving, and like any new material that appears, trivex lenses bring an addition to the older polycarbonate eyeglass lenses. The one who wins is you. 

Both materials are excellent choices, with a plus for trivex eyeglass lens, especially the quality of vision and resistance, but also with a higher price.

Goggles with Trivex Lenses

Lot of our clients ask us which option would be better. Here is what you need to know:

Features of trivex eyeglass lenses

If until now, you knew that polycarbonate is the most impact resistant, now we have newer stuff, trivex glasses with features resembling those of polycarbonate but better.

Both materials are lighter, thinner and more resistant, than plastic and glass of course, so suitable for activities requiring eye protection against impact:

  • Safety glasses
  • Goggles
  • Children eyeglasses

But which is better?

Clarity of vision

Trivex is better in terms of optical quality. This material provides clear vision, being superior to polycarbonate. It can be used for any activity that request your eyesight better than like: working on computer, driving or any sport.

Thickness and weight

On weight, the advantage is all in favor of trivex eyeglass lens, which is lighter than polycarbonate eyeglass lens, being even the lightest and most comfortable material used in the manufacture of lenses, that due to its lower density.

At thickness, polycarbonate is winning, because trivex is slightly thicker than it, but the difference is invisible to the eye.

Impact resistance and external factors

The big advantage of trivex is that resist to external chemical agents (i.e. acetone) while polycarbonate eyeglass lens is not.

Meanwhile, shatter resistance is also in favor of trivex. This indicate the lenses of this material for rimless glasses, if what you want. It can be drilled successfully without cracking the material around drill holes.

Also, polycarbonate can be used in this way but is less resistant and sometimes break around the drill holes at mounting.


Trivex eyeglasses are more expensive as anything is new and better.

You have two options, trivex lenses and polycarbonate eyeglass lenses if you want impact resistant and comfortable lenses with UV protection for your eyes.

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