Rimless Eyeglass Frames
Shine Your Natural Beauty

Next are the key features that can guide you to choose rimless eyeglass frames: they are less visible on your face, have lightweight, and create a larger field of view for your eyes.

Rimless Eyeglasses on Face

Your natural beauty stands out with this type of frame

The frame front is missing, and the remaining components: bridge and temples are thin and barely noticeable on your face. If you wear this kind of glasses you can have an air of elegance, intelligence and maturity.

If is about the lenses, you can choose their form before polishing so that their shape suits you best.

Rimless Eyeglass Frame

Choose this type of rimless eyeglass frame if you want a less visible one and to show your facial features. Otherwise, if you need to highlight certain face features that you benefit from, or you have a strong personality, and like thick frames, for example, rimless eyeglasses are not suitable for you.

Being discrete, this kind of frames fit extremely well for business or elegant outfits.

You have a larger field of view

A good point of rimless glasses is the large visual field. Unlike thick plastic frames or even metal, rimless frame do not reduce the view field and help you to see better because the lack of the front frame.

They are lightweight

So extremely comfortable, because of the materials commonly used for these frames, and that both frame and lenses are thin.

Sometimes you can even forget that you have them on your nose.

Semi-rimless vs rimless eyeglasses

If you want a discreet pair of glasses, but also want to emphasize your upper face (i.e. you have triangle face shape), the answer is semi-rimless eyeglasses.

Semi-rimless Eyeglasses
Semi-rimless Eyeglass Frame

There are some differences between semi-rimless and rimless eyeglass frames that you should know:

  • Rimless frame has no front while the semi-rimless frame has the top of the front. This means that if the frame is a little thicker and the color is already visible on the face, semi-rimless will transform your image
  • The rimless glasses have lenses attached by staples or screws to the temples which adds some sensitivity to hits and dents while semi-rimless are more resistant with full top frame front and the temples attached with hinges to it
  • Rimless eyeglasses are lighter with fewer components, usually made from titanium or thin metal, the semi-rimless frame can be solid plastic or metal, so it can be heavier

Whatever you like, the care for these two types of frames must be much higher than in the case of full frame due to their conformation and higher sensitivity. Here's what problems can occur:

Rimless eyeglass frames problems

  • The rimless frame with screws is usually easily unscrewed and you have to adjust them all the time so I recommend you the staple type (no screws), they last longer
  • They are more sensitive to bending
  • In this kind of frame,  you can install only plastic, polycarbonate or trivex lenses because it is impossible to drill glass
  • The price for the rimless eyeglass is usually higher because of the more expensive and superior quality materials (titanium, steel, polycarbonate, trivex)

If you would like to have a rimless eyeglass frame, for a durable pair of glasses I suggest you: titanium frame with staple mounting, and lenses made of polycarbonate or trivex. This would be a lovely pair of eyeglasses, easy to clean and resistant.

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