Folding Eyeglasses Easy to Store and Carry

Tired of forgetting your glasses? Folding eyeglasses are the perfect solution.

This frame can be folded up to take a much smaller volume than usual glasses, so they are easy to store and carry whatever how they are used.

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The folding frame has much more hinges and screws 

When we want to store them, the glasses fold at the nose bridge and on each temple.

Because of this the attention how you use them should be higher. It is said that, the more components a system has, the easier it is messed up. In this case, you must be careful at screws to be tightened, otherwise you risk running with a half of eyeglasses in hand.

The material they are made is usually metal or titanium, so are shock-resistant frames.

Folding Eyeglasses
Folding Eyeglasses
Folding Eyeglasses
Folding Eyeglasses
Folding Eyeglasses
Folding Eyeglasses

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Who needs folding glasses

They are perfect for those who do not have the space to take their glasses with them. Either use small bags or need to carry the case in the pocket at hand. Because of this they often forgett to take their eyeglasses.

Once folded, these glasses take a truly little space, as well ... 

The folding glasses case

The folding glasses may be placed inside a carrying small case. This case will fit in your pocket, in a small bag, or even clip to your belt, due to the size. It will be much easier not forget the glasses once you can take them so easily everywhere. 

You can use the folding frame for any glasses

I mean reading glasses, sunglasses, prescription glasses. I suggest better for reading glasses, because they are often stored. 

If you have a space problem, I recommend folding glasses but as an additional pair of glasses. You should have a spare just in case if you lose or break them.

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