Easyclip Eyeglasses an Effective Solution

For you as prescription glasses wearer, easyclip eyeglasses can be an option which solve the problem of protecting the eyes from sunshine.

They bring in addition to regular sunglasses, especially the way attaches to eyeglasses, their shape, the particular case and some other advantages.

Eyeglasses with sun clips consist of two parts

Easyclip eyeglasses with clip off
Easyclip eyeglasses with clip on
  1. The prescription eyeglasses: frame and the lenses with diopters
  2. A pair of sun lenses,  that is attached with a magnetic-clip to eyeglasses

These components are sold together. Each spectacle has its own clip that can not be changed or attached to another frame.

You can turn the prescription eyeglasses in sunglasses anytime, by attaching the clip if needed.

Helpful Tips

  • When not wearing the clip, put it in the glasses case as it loses easily
  • If you put both in the case, glasses and the clip-on, separate them and use the specific case for the clip, to avoid scratching the lenses by rubbing each other
  • Not ever wipe the eyeglass lenses with the clip on, for the same reason of scratching the lenses

How to choose the eyeglasses with clip

Criteria for choosing your frame with clip are the same as those of prescription eyeglasses.

I mean pick a frame that fits you as shape, color and size for optimal viewing. In this frame the lenses from your prescription will be mounted. After, you can join the clip and your prescription eyeglasses turn into sunglasses.

Clip-on shape and material

The clip-on with sun lenses has exactly the shape of glasses frame. This means that if you want a narrow frame will have a pair of smaller sunglasses.

The sun lenses on the clip are thin polarized plastic and protects extremely well against sunlight and UV rays. These lenses can be found in many colors, assorted with the frame color: brown, gray, green.

Easy clip eyeglass case

To protect the clip-on, there is a particular case where to put them when not in use.

Easy Clip Eyeglass Case
Easyclip Eyeglass Case

The main advantages of easyclip eyeglasses

  • You have at hand a pair of practical glasses with diopters and sunglasses too
  • Because the clip is attached with a magnet it can be removed extremely easily if is cloudy outside or just stay inside
  • The price is lower than if you choose prescription sunglasses  

But attention to these drawbacks

  • Always check the magnet because it can be weaker to some frames and clip may fall unexpectedly 
  • If you lose or break the clip there is no another reserve, you have to buy a new pair of glasses with clip
  • Because the clips have thin plastic lenses, when you wipe them must be careful to not scratch or break them

There is a less elegant alternative to magnetic-clip

Clip-ons that can be purchased separately and can be put over any frame. This is because they have clamps to can be attached.

Clip-on With Clamps
Clip-on With Clamps
Clip-on With Clamps
Clip-on With Clamps
Clip-on With Clamps

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Lenses size is bigger and can be modeled on request, but generally people prefer the original shape close to sunglasses size.

Because the clamps are clearly visible, these clip-ons are less aesthetic than easyclip eyeglasses. But both of them have an excellent price-quality ratio.

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