See If Varilux Lenses Are Better Than Other Progressive Lenses

The Varilux lenses are a variety of progressive lenses known all over the world for their high quality and the innovations made in the field. These lenses are the first ever progressive lenses, made in 1959, and since then, they are in constant development.

Comparison with other progressive lenses

kids using a device for varilux progressive lenses

If you come into our store and ask me: 

Which are the best progressive lenses? I would reply as follows:

The answer can’t be only Varilux lenses, even they first appeared on the market and came continuously with innovations that enhance the experience for progressive lenses users.

There are other companies also, which have scored as successful in this field. I can give as examples some progressive lenses considered as effective and as higher quality like Varilux:

  • Zeiss: Individual, Gradal, GD2 3D
  • Rodenshtock: Impression Free Design, Multigressiv MyView
  • Shamir: Autograph II

Therefore, I will refrain from saying that Varilux deliver the best progressive lenses. Good lenses with innovative technologies too can be found at the above mentioned companies, and these lenses are just as successful. 

It is expected that if a company set high quality standards, other companies in the market to keep pace.

So if you want to choose a pair of progressive lenses, I suggest you to choose from the big companies, experienced and known in the field. This will keep you happy with the high quality lenses, and in case you have problems, you will benefit of permanent assistance.

Try the Varilux progressive lenses

I offer you an unique experience:

Take a trip in Paris online experimenting with Varilux, trying their different progressive lenses!

Innovations brought by Varilux lenses

What recommends the Varilux:

  • Long history of innovation and great experience gained over time
  • Continuous quality improvement of the lenses allowed by constant technological changes
  • Maintain high standards in the field of progressive lenses

What does this mean for you?

This means the guarantee of superior quality lenses, which allow you clear vision at any distance, a high resolution image and comfort, without the known difficulties of adjustment, faced by the usual progressive lens wearer.

There are several types of lenses made for specific situations and activities, like:

Varilux Liberty

  • It is the entry level lens with Varilux quality
  • Have a wider field of view than standard progressive lens
  • Easy accommodation

Varilux Comfort

  • Have a wider field of view than Liberty
  • Fewer distortions
  • More natural near vision

Varilux Physio

  • Very wide range of view
  • No distortions
  • Superior visual sharpness and comfort

Varilux Ipseo

  • It is an outstanding lens, customized according to some additional features measured during the consultation, to give you a clear vision without distortion or extended adjustment difficulties or other problems that occur along the way
  • Wider field of clear vision

Varilux Computer

  • Recommended for comfortable computer usage

Varilux Sport

  • You will have the best dynamic vision in sport practising

All types of lenses can be fitted with hardening, photochromic and anti-reflective coatings as needed. They are thinner by the factory to offer you elegant wear.

I hope you liked to experiment with Varilux lenses, some top lenses that did make history in the field, followed closely by a strong competition. In the end, you are the winner, the progressive lens user because you can choose from a rich offer constantly improved.


A new improved series appeared in august 2012 as a constant development: Varilux S series.

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