Where to purchase trifocals?

by Chris Griggs

Q: Hello, I would like to try tri-focals and would like to know where I can purchase them on-line, in the UK please. (I have tried varifocals for some time but cannot take well to them; recently tried a pair of bi-focals and got on much better; reckon that tri-focals will be the best I can do).

Distance vision very good, but I need x 2 for rdg and I guess x1 for intermediate

Thank you

Chris Griggs

A: Hi Chris,

Well you can try the trifocals, the time to get used to them will be longer than with bifocals, but I think you will make it.

I will tell you also the alternative: because your distance vision is clear, you can try the office lenses also known as occupational lenses or degressive lenses.

These are the eyeglass lenses that have only intermediary and close vision diopters. They are like the varifocals (progressive lenses), but without the distance vision area. Because of this, the distance between the diopters on the lens is bigger, so the accommodation is easier (i.e. It is not that difficult as with the varifocals).

Because you will have to wear the glasses only at the computer or for office work and for near vision (reading), and do not need them for distance vision, you can take advantage of this in the summer, when you will be able to wear sunglasses.

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Comments for Where to purchase trifocals?

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Aug 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

It seems that trifocals are made only on demand.

Aug 13, 2013
Trifocals difficult to find
by: Arpi

Trifocals are quite expensive, because of the way they are produced.
Also due to the popularity of progressive lenses which are made easier and cheaper, the trifocals are found only on demand at some optical stores.

Sep 30, 2013
by: Lauren Clarke

Trifocal are produced ondemand and they are little expensive, try www.perfectglasses.co.uk for trifocals an online store produces high quality of lenses.

Dec 14, 2018
trifocals vs. progressives
by: Anonymous

I had an optometrist force a pair of progressives on me when I asked for trifocals with lines. The misery those progressives forced on me cannot be described. After two months, during which the longest time I could wear the progressives was ten minutes, I told him to give me what I asked for originally....trifocals. When they were done and I tried them on, I was very relieved. They were perfect. They took no getting used to. This thread seems like an attempt to downplay trifocals in favor of progressives.

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