Lenses for intermediate and close ranges

by John

Q: Do you know an online vendor who carry lenses that cover only intermediate and close ranges? I do not need distance.

A: I think every online store that sells lenses have this kind of lens for intermediate and close vision. The only difference is that some of the online stores call them: degressive computer lenses, degressive lenses, computer lenses or occupational mid-distance lenses.

Other stores offer them in the category of progressive lenses. All of these names point to the same type of multifocal lenses: the lenses that have intermediate and close vision parts only.

You can choose any online store and the easiest would be to call them and ensure that they have this kind of lens. It is better talk to them directly because this way you can fill the questions they may ask about your prescription, or to refine your preferences (frame size, color and shape, lenses proprieties as coatings, material, extra options like photochromic lenses, extra hardening, or extra thin lenses).

Also, every online store usually has a call center that can handle your order directly.

Here are a few links with sites that sell this type of lenses under different names. Check them out:

Here they call them Computer Lenses.

Here are listed in Progressive Lenses category.

If you will find a site that does not list any of this, you should talk to them, maybe they have them, but under a different name.

As to order lenses online usually, you have to fill out a form with your prescription and preferences so they can make the glasses exactly as you want them.
There you can specify that you only need lenses for near and intermediate, without distance diopter.

Hope this helps,

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