Magnetic Clips Safeness

Q: Are glasses with magnetic clips to attach the tinted lenses safe?

I ask this because, I'm ordering new eyeglasses and the frames I am interested in, do not come with clip-on tinted sunglass lenses. Instead, I can order sunglass lenses that attach with magnets.

Do you know of any studies on people who wear magnetic eyeglasses?

A: Hello,

The magnetic clips with sunglass lenses are a very subtle, elegant and practical piece of work. The fact that they can be attached to almost any kind frame makes them very popular.

If we talk about the downside of wearing magnetic clips, there are two types of things to consider:

1. Magnetic clip usability

This type of sunglass is attached to the frame with magnetic system, so they are not glued together.
Therefore you should avoid grabbing the frame strongly or take it off because they may fall apart and break.

Also, if you get hit on the face or you drop the glasses on the ground they are more sensitive than a simple sunglass.

2. Possible effects of the magnetic part

If we talk about the magnetic part and its effect on your health, I don't hear about any negative connection between the magnet and health. On the other hand, I hear a lot of things about the benefits of wearing magnets on bracelets, earrings or necklaces.

Even if I don't have any proof I think it's safe to say they are harmless.

When you buying is necessary to check if the lenses have UV protection. It is also advantageous the polarized lens for an optimum vision.

In the end, magnetic clips are a splendid alternative to the clip-on frames, and if a big company makes them, you can be sure that they meet all the safety standards on the market.
On the other hand, if you are not pleased with the frame, you should have a returning period, so no problem...

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