Lens Size on Rimless

by CJ
(Lucas, TX)

Q: Thank you for your website it has answered many of my questions but one.
If I want the lens size to be 49mm how much of that 49 will be used for the nose piece and arms.

What am asking is if I want a 49 mm lens size (viewable) will the viewable range be reduced or should I choose a larger lens size expecting some of the area to be used by the attachments. Sorry, I nope that makes sense.

I had a rimless pair once, the area where the nose and arms pieces were attached interfered with my seeing comfortably so before I order another pair I was wondering about the size selection.

Geesh, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

A: Hello,

I think you take too much of the technicalities on your shoulders. These are complicated things and makes the decisions harder to make. The “how” is the optician’s job usually.

If you have a rimless frame, the beauty is that you can choose any sizes for the lenses because there is no frame to limit the options. Usually, there is a fake lens mounted in the rimless frame to keep the parts together and to give you an example of how it should look. If you don't like the shape and size of this fake lens, you can choose another form.

In our shop, we make a type of fake lens using and developing a bigger plastic lens. Then we mount it on the frame so the client can see the shape and the size of the lens on his eyes directly.

So, you can tell your optician to show you how it would look in both cases, both sizes and see in your eyes how it looks and feels. Another way is to measure the distance between the holes and the external end of the lens on your old glasses. Also, you measure the viewing part and make the new ones a little bigger (you said it was bothering you like that).

What is to know is that no matter how big the lenses will be, you may see the screws in front because they are the only non-transparent part of the front frame. It takes some time to get used to them and not see the screws anymore.

So be careful how big you make the lenses, sometimes bigger is not better, you may still see the screws.

In the end, does not matter how you measure the lenses, there is no standard, the most important thing is that your optician understands how big you want them.

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Hope this helps,

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