Eyeglass temple replacement

by Arthur

Q: Where can I ask to replace the left temple for a pair of Versace eyeglasses, model #3134 length 140 color brown?

A: Hi Arthur,

If I correctly understand you are interested in replacing the left temple (arm) from your pair of Versace eyeglasses.

The best would be to go to the store where you bought these glasses. Versace eyeglasses are known brand, and they sure can give you an original temple and assemble to your glasses.

If they don’t have similar temples, maybe they can change them with other temples that you like, with the same color or shape but different model, or it can be just different color.

The only situation, when replacement parts are harder to find, is when your glasses are older.

If in this store, they cannot help, you should try to any other optical store where they have replacement parts. Show them the glasses and maybe they have identical temples.

If you can't find any matching eyeglass temple you can request to change your both temples. This way you don't need to find the same ones. You can play with shapes and colors, even the material from which the temples are made. In this way, you can have a special pair of glasses.

Play with them: change colors, make them thicker or thinner, if you have plastic frame, put metal temples, or if the frame is metal, use plastic temples. Make them look fashionable. As I see, this is a plastic model, so the playing possibilities are numerous.

Also, there are a few online stores that can help including the original Versace website. You should check them online and ask about this, maybe you will find an answer there.

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Hope this helps,

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