Will new script make a difference?


[OD: Sphere: -3.25, Cylinder: -0.75, Axis: 140, Add: 2.50, Dist.PD: 29.0
OS: Sphere: -5.25, Cylinder: -1.00, Axis: 032, Add: 2.50, Dist.PD: 30.5[

OD: Sphere: -3.75, Cylinder: -0.75, Axis: 125, Add: +2.50
OS: Sphere: -5.75, Cylinder: -1.25, Axis: 030, Add: +2.50

Just went in for my annual eye exam to be sure eyes stay healthy--not because of any real vision problems.

Doc gave me a new script. Will the above change make enough of a difference (in either eye) to warrant the price of new progressive lenses?

Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions.

A: Hello,

The prescription is different, there is a 0.50 added on both eyes, so this changes the whole prescription, far and close vision.
The whole eyeglass and vision will be different.

The question is if your vision was better at the exam if there is a difference and you had a better vision with the new prescription?

If yes, this is what your eyes need. But if this justifies the money you should spend for the new glasses? I cannot say, depends on the price and your financial possibilities. But I ask you this, how do you feel with the old prescription, are there vision problems, things you cannot see or read? Do you have any symptoms?

If you are completely satisfied with them, maybe you can delay the new ones for a while, but if your prescription is changing, is just a matter of time before you will feel the changes. And then make the change.

Hope this helps,

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