Will my lenses be thick?

by David
( Uk)

Q: Hi,

I have ordered Single vision distance only Cryzal 7 high index lenses 1.67 in a transitional brown.

I am worried that my lenses will be thick or heavy.

My prescription is:

Rt eye. + 3.0. - 1.0. X. 140

Lt eye. + 3.75. - 1.75. X. 90


A: Hi Dave,

First, plastic is usually not heavy, and 1.67 index with +3.00 diopters is not heavy.

The only thing that can make the eyeglasses heavier is the size of the frame. The bigger is the frame with bigger lenses, the heavier the eyeglasses.

Same, the (+) lenses are thinner at the edges, so bigger the frame, thinner the edges.

There is a representation that every company offers to the optical stores, a kind of drawing that shows you the thickness of the lens with different index and diopters.

There you can see how thick your lenses will be.

I think is all about the frames, so my advice is to choose the frames to fit the lenses and the combination of the two can offer an elegant and beautiful pair of eyeglasses.

The optician can help you with this.

Hope this helps,

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