White marks appear on my new glasses lenses

by Mark
(Portsmouth, UK)

Q: Hiya!
Received my new glasses a couple of weeks ago from vision express, I do have 2 issues though:

First. At a certain angle I see white marks appear on the lens, I never had this before in my old glasses. I was wondering if it's as I have a lower index as before? These frames are slightly thicker so thought I'd get away with it.

My prescription is +5.75/+6 and these have an index of 1.60, I do believe my old pair were 1.67 (but could be wrong).

The marks are shown in the attached picture which is certainly not smudging as I have tried cleaning many times with no change.

Secondly when I look downwards out of the bottom of the lens, my vision becomes stretched, it's only slight, but it's enough that if I move my vision from there and to the centre and back again it can become a bit disorientating.

Some might say don't do that then but can't help it when climbing stairs etc.

Is this a fault or is it just because I have taller lenses this time? My old pair were considerably smaller so there was less lens after the centre if that makes sense?

Thanks in advance, Mark.

A: Hello Mark,

What I see first from your picture is that the lens has a faulty layer, it could be the antireflective coating or the hardening coating, but if you can see it, is not good.

I see this usually when the eyeglasses are kept near a fire or hot places, so the layers deteriorate.

If the glasses are new, you should go back to the optical shop and show them the lens, it may be a factory defect.

About your vision, it can be the lens defect. It can modify the vision and give you symptoms, but it can be also the different index and size of the frame, all this can give you a different vision thru the lenses.

I would say first change the defective lenses and then see if is not better.

Hope this helps,

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