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by Rachel

Q: I am looking for an independent professional option about Varifocal lens brands and types. Can you help me?

I am presbyopic and am a professional artist who needs good close and intermediate vision.
I need to have my light weight Lindberg wire frames reglazed and I have to send them away for this as i can't have this done near here. (INB I have had my PD and heights measured in the frames by my optician).

My question is this - I have been recommended Hoya ID lens. Will they been significantly better for my purposes than the cheaper priced Varilux Physio or Zeiss Superb ? As the price is a lot more I want to make an informed choice.
Thanks you for you help in this.


A: Hello Rachel,

This is one of the biggest problems when it comes to lenses, which one is better. I can tell you that in the last few years all big companies developed high end progressive lenses and all of them say is the best lens.

Sure, all of them are good lenses, with a lot of science in them, but when it comes to the best, I think the differences between them are small, and it is in "the eye of the beholder".

If this is your first progressive eyeglass, I would recommend you the Varilux physio, it is a very good lens and the price is right.

This is my personal opinion because I can say I have a lot of experience with Varilux and know is a good lens.

Also, Hoya ID is very good, but I think the price difference can help you decide. I never had any problems with Varilux, but again, this is my personal experience and as a disclaimer, I try to be fair, I'm not sponsored by anyone to say this.

Normally, the vision should be the same with any of these lenses if you have a good prescription, is all about accommodation...

I will try also to give you a different solution, maybe it will help you. You said you need intermediate and close vision. You know, there is a special type of lens that have only intermediate and close vision diopters and it looks like the progressive. Is a lot cheaper, and really good. Is called degressive, or office lense, and is dedicated to people who have presbyopia, but the far vision is ok. Ask about this your optician, maybe is good for you.

Hope this helps,

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