When to wear my glasses?

by Kirsty Smith

Q: I'm from UK a house wife 41 year old. I have bifocals of prescription :

+1.25 and -0.5 (one eye)

Should I wear the glasses all time my children are saying me to do that. What are benifits?

A: I guess that the -0.50 diopter is the far vision part, and the +1.50 is the close vision part, so you have small myopia and presbyopia.

Somebody with myopia should wear the glasses all the time because the problem is permanent. Your myopia is small, but I think if you wear the glasses, you have a little more clear far vision, and you see more clearly the TV for example.

If you also have presbyopia, the close vision asks you also to wear glasses. You have bifocals, this means you have a correction for both problems, and regularly you should wear them all the time. If you see better and they help you in your daily activities, wear them all the time.

The porpoise of the bifocal glasses is to cover most activities you do every day, no matter if you use far or close vision so wear them and keep your eyes healthy.

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Hope this helps

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