When should I wear my glasses?

Q: In the past, I only wore my glasses for driving.

During my recent eye examination, the doctor strongly recommended full time wear. He said that the difference in my prescription was part of the reason.

I am getting my first pair of bifocal/progressive lenses. He said that these lenses are designed for full time wear, and the difference between my two eyes would make my life much easier as well.

I don't have much difficulty seeing except seeing signs -- particularly at night.

My eyes are -2.75 and -.5 with a + 2.00 for reading.

Does this make sense? I don't mind wearing glasses for driving, but don't want to start wearing them all the time.

A: You have medium myopia, this is a permanent condition of the eye, so normally you have to wear the glasses all the time.

Because on one eye you have a small diopter, that eye has a good vision and this is why you feel you see without the glasses.

But in this case, if you don't wear them, the eye with the bigger diopter will deteriorate in time and your binocular vision will suffer.

This means 3D vision and detail vision.

I recommend you to wear them all the time, so you don't develop amblyopia.

Hope this helps,

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