What is causing the glasses to be cloudy?

Q: I have Progressive transition glasses with an anti-reflective layer which I am not sure really works.

I notice that after a year to 18 months the glasses start to seem cloudy especially when I am in a large store with the overhead lights.

After a couple years this cloudiness is also noticeable outside in regular sunlight. I do not have this happening when I am wearing my computer glasses which I have taken to using when not driving since they never seem cloudy even in a bright store.

What causes this and is there anyway to restore the lenses or keep this from happening?

A: Hello,

There are several things that could produce this symptoms.

First, your lenses: if you wore them for a longer period, there is a chance that the anti-reflective layer is slightly damaged from continuous cleaning, this is happening when you use other cleaning stuff than recommended.

There will be small scratches on the surface that bend the light so you will have blurry vision.

The other thing is your prescription: after years of wearing the same prescription, there is a chance that it changed, so maybe is a good idea to renew it.

Maybe your diopters had changed and you need a new prescription.

Eather way, it is a good idea to go to an optical shop and check your glasses and your prescription.

If the lenses are to blame, you need to know that changing the layers on them is more expensive sometimes that changing the lenses, but you have to ask in that shop.

Hope this helps,

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Jul 04, 2018
by: Anonymous

The first time this happened I replaced the eye glasses but the same thing happened with the new glasses.

I stopped by an optical shop and asked the person there and was told "that's just what happens and there is nothing that can be done to help stop it" I always use a soft cloth to clean my glasses after blowing off and specs that might be on them so unless the layer is very fragile or designed to do this after a period of time that seems unlikely.

My prescription has not changed significantly as my other non progressive/transistion glasses are still clear as when bought & fine. Would it possibly help if I did not get the anti-reflective layer?

It does not really help stop glare especially at night anyway so if I left that layer out would that help or are the other layers prone to this happening too?

Jul 08, 2018

by: Arpi

I think it would be worst with no anti-reflective coating, there would be more glare, and without it, there is always the next layer, the lenses are treated with many layers.

There are specific extra layers for increased durability, you can ask for them at your next order, I think is the only possibility to make them last longer: double anti-scratch layer, polycarbonate lenses, trivex lenses. I do not guarantee they will not scratch, but they last longer, but of course, they are more expensive.

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