What and where are the highest quality lenses?

by Ray
(MS, US)

O: I want the best lenses I can get, thinnest and any other perks. No bifocal or transitions necessary I'm not interested. Just the best looking lenses!

Got my Georgeio Armani frames in the mail today.

A: Hello Ray

From the beginning I must say there is no best lens on the market, there are several companies like Essilor, Zeiss, Hoya, Rodenstock, Nikon, which makes very good lenses with proprieties recognized all over the world.

The thing is to find what is right for you, so my advice is to go to the optical shop and explain what is your preference regarding the lenses and they can find you the best for you.

I personally like Essilor, but this is a personal opinion, based on my experience with their lenses, and also Rodenstock, but depends on what kind can you find in your place.

Hope this helps,

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