Vertical and Horizontal Prism

by Jon Mikesell

Q: My prescription calls for both vertical and horizontal prism in both lenses. When asked, many online opticians say they aren't able to make these.
What should I do? The only optician I've found who can cut them wants more than I can afford. Any suggestions?

A: I think that a lot of opticians can do that. It is not more complicated to shape the glasses than a standard lens.

But for this prescription, it is surely not good to order it online. You should go to a qualified optician to order them, and you will enjoy your glasses.

There are some particular concrete things to consider: for each prism; you have to change the pupillary distance for 0,25mm against the direction from the prism, and this is logical because the eye will make this movement behind the prismatic glasses.

So I recommend you to order this from an optical shop so that this measurement can be done right.

About the price: this kind of glasses are unique, and they are made on order adapted to your personal needs, so it is normal that the price is higher.

Hope this helps,

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