Varilux v Zeiss v Hoya

by Gerry
(Washington State)

Q: I have been wearing Hoya progressive lenses for 2 years and am due to get a new pair of glasses soon. My Vision has pretty much stabilized since my cataract surgery 5 years ago.

I have enjoyed the Hoya lenses but am wondering if there is something else out there that would be as good or better than what I wear now. I do a lot of reading but also other activities that are hard on my glasses (welding, grinding, machine work etc).

A: Hello

Of course, there is always something new and innovative, every day there are new technologies and innovations that make our lives easier. I think all the companies are making good lenses and are all about the money you are willing to spend on new things. You have so many choices that indeed is hard to make a decision without reading on the internet for days or in the stores.

I believe that the big companies like Hoya, Varilux, Zeiss are making excellent lenses, all of them, so the only way to make a difference for them is to make something unique.

From this point of view, I would say that you need to do research and find what you need, so it is crucial that you know what you want. From there, you will chose the company and the lenses type that offer you what you need.

For example, you said about lens resistance, you look for the best hardening layer money can buy. What I'm trying to tell you find what you need, not what they offer with commercials. You do the same with the rest of the characteristics of the lenses and find the best lenses.

In the end, I use to say... Why change if is good? So you can stay at Hoya lenses if you were satisfied with them. But if you are looking for the best, is not usually easy to find it, and is about your money (you have to consider this also).

Hope this helps,

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May 11, 2016
Varilux S4D lentes
by: Norbert Van Craeynest

Are the Essilor Varilux S4D lenses softer than older types of Essilor Varilux lenses? After only 2 years they are very badly crushed and this is on the inside of the lenses.

May 16, 2016
Answer Varilux S4D lenses
by: Arpi

Hello Norbert,
I don't think the Varilux producers are cutting back expenses to launch a new product which is softer and more exposed to external factors.

But I think there can be some errors in the production of the lenses, and this could damage or soften the lenses.

These are warranty problems, but if this happened after two years, this is not helping you.

Also, there can be other factors that can damage the lenses in time like excessive heat (direct sunlight exposure), excessively dry air, cleaning solutions with a lot of chemicals. All these factors can contribute to an early lens damage.

If the damage is inside the lens, maybe it was a factory error which existed from the beginning and expanded in time under the influence of the other external factors.

I think you should go to the store you bought them from and asked these questions there; maybe they can help you someway even after two years.

Hope this helps

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