Varilux to Another Progressive Lens

Q: I have been using Varilux for the last 6-7 years. I wanted to try another progressive lens brand, mostly to see if I can get a lower cost lens.
Have you heard that it may be difficult to adjust to a different brand?

A: Hello,

There are many types of progressive lenses, one is better than the other. All companies invested a lot of money in making better lenses, and when is about progressive lenses, is always about accommodation.

So, there are simple progressive lenses without a wide field of vision, and there are lenses with better technology, with a wider field of view.

Larger the field, bigger the price.....easier the accommodation. It all comes to this, so, I would say you can try different types of lenses, but choose carefully, some of them are cheaper for a reason.

Hope this helps,

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