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by Yvonne
(Richmond, VA, USA)

Q: I recently had cataract surgery and now have 20/15 distance vision. Unfortunately, now I have 1.0 computer vision and 2.0 reading vision.

I have been switching between different power readers but have recently had a nice pair of computer progressives made, which work great while I am at the computer.

The problem is that I cannot see distance out of the top of the computer progressives, so if I need to walk or look at someone standing more than 4 feet from me, I have to take off the glasses.

I am told that no progressive lens has a clear top for distance. My optometrist tells me that lens technology has not yet caught up to the vision that intraocular lenses provide today.

Is this true? I find it hard to believe that with the technology today and the materials available, that there is nothing available.

A: First I must congratulate you for doing the cataract surgery which is the only treatment for cataract. The fact that you have good vision shows you that the surgery was a real success, and you can now benefit from the best far vision you can have.

Of course, the presbyopia you had before does not go away because the new lens you have in your eyes has only one diopter, the far diopter. You still need intermediate and close vision glasses. About technology, I can tell you that there are multifocal lenses for implantation in cataract surgery, so you see far and close without glasses.

About the eyeglasses, there is technology for your situation, actually there are progressive lenses that have 0 diopters for the far vision part.
I know this because there are people who wear this kind of glasses because they need protection from the sun, and even they have 0 diopters for far, they wear progressive lenses with photochromic properties.

So they have protection for far vision and diopters for close vision. So the technology is up to date, and I hope you will find a possibility to have this type of lens.

Hope this helps,

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