Thin Bifocal Lenses

by Sneha
(Hyderabad ,Telangana ,India)

Q: I will like to have high index thin bifocal lenses.

Presently my glasses were somewhat thick, and I prefer thin high index lenses.
My left and right eye has a significant difference. My age is 22 Female.

Here is my prescription:

Bifocal   Sphere   CYL    AXIS    ADD     CVA

  Right:   +4.00   +1.75   110   +3.25   6/12 06/9p

    Left:   +8.25   +1.50   105   +3.25   C.F 3mts N.I

Also, is there any way to find out the index (like 1.6, 1.67, 1.74 high index measurements) by following the serial number and recheck in websites? I mean from manufacturing companies like Crizal, Kodak, KLAR, AO, etc.

Please give me some suggestions.

A: I must say you have quite big diopters, so the best type of lenses for you are indeed the high index lenses.

Because you have this big difference between the two eyes, I would suggest that the index of the two lenses to be different. The weight difference between them to be smaller, I mean the bigger diopter lens to be with the higher index so it will be thinner.

About the index of the lenses, normally you can recheck on the website the lenses you have if they have serial numbers. Usually, all the big companies have sites where you can find anything. If you cannot find your lenses, you can always write them an e-mail with the serial number and characteristics of your lenses, and I am sure they can offer you more information. You can find the e-mail address on their site.

Usually, the lenses come with a small plastic or paper card which contains the characteristics of the lenses so you can re-order the lenses in case of accidents.

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Hope this helps,

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