The 'Best' Digital Progressive Lens Is....

by John

Q: Hello,

I am a 52 year old male and my job at a call center requires me to use a computer for 8 hours a day. I just had my eyes checked by an ophthalmologist and my prescription is:

(Distance) Sphere: R -5.25 L -5.75
(Distance) Cylinder: R +3.25 L +3.25
(Distance) Axis: R x064 L x015

(Near) Addition: R +1.50 L +1.50

In the past, I have always gotten my glasses from a high end Seattle shop. I don't know if I'm allowed to mention the store name but they are located in the Pike Place MARKET (hint). I have previously worn frames by Oliver Peoples, Entourage of 7, and Freudenhaus.

My question is about lens manufacturers. While I am 'sold' on the idea of Digital HD progressive lenses, I am befuddled as to which lens (manufacturer) to go with. I have recently been to 3 opticians and each has told me why their brand is a superior choice.

I have been recommended the following (in no particular order):

Shamir Autograph II or III
Shamir Computer (good for about 10 ft.)
Shamir Workspace (good for about 10 ft.)
Seiko Supercede II
Seiko Surmount
Seiko Supernal (supposed to be good for Astigmatic)
Seiko PCWide ("designed for people who spend most of their work time in a desktop environment")
Zeiss Progressive Individual 2
Zeiss Officelens

My goal is to purchase just 1 new eyeglasses for use at work, while driving, and at home relaxing in front of the TV. I'm not really an outdoorsy type. I do want an anti-reflective coating and Transitions/photochromic.

So, do I need to be concerned about which lens 'brand' is the best? I currently have non-digital Varilux lenses and would consider their Physio DRx along with Shamir, Seiko, and Zeiss.

And yes, I am a bit OCD and I like to comparison shop!

A: From what I see in your prescription you need glasses for both distance and near vision.

As you use these glasses for distance vision (driving and TV) from the progressives mentioned above you must eliminate the following:

Shamir Computer
Shamir Workspace
Seiko PCWide
Zeiss Officelens

All these types of lenses contain diopters for intermediate and near vision only.

Because we are talking about Digital HD progressive lenses, high quality technology lenses, I think that all manufacturers you mention above will provide quality lenses.

From my personal experience I can tell you that Varilux and Zeiss lenses are very good, that's because I've worked with these lenses, but I'm sure that Shamir and Seiko can provide the same quality.

I usually advise my clients that if they used a particular brand and were happy to stay with the same brand. So if you already use Varilux lenses you could continue with them.
Sure there are a few aspects to take into account that can change your decision like the cost of lenses at different manufacturers or what optical lenses sells your preferred store.

You mention that you need anti-reflective and photochromic coatings. High quality progressive lenses come with anti-reflective coating. It's good to ask but must be in the price. As for photochromic coating, you pay separately.

So in conclusion you must choose some progressive lenses with three diopters for distance, intermediate and near vision.

As about choosing the brand, I would choose the Varilux, this if you were happy with them.

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Hope this helps,

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Feb 16, 2014
And the 'Winner' is...
by: John

After speaking with a few experienced local opticians, I will probably go with Zeiss Progressive Individual 2. I'm trying to just have 1 new eyeglasses and this seems to be a good compromise.

Your comment that "High quality progressive lenses come with anti-reflective coating" is interesting as one local store charges $100 for AR (for Zeiss) but gives a 2 year warranty and they say that they will re-make the lenses if they become scratched. Another store "bundles" the AR with the lens price and they have a 1 year warranty for manufacturer's defects only.

Thank you, Arpi!

Sep 02, 2014
Anti Reflective Coating
by: Anonymous

If it is crizal, the manufacturer gives a 2 year warranty.

Sep 02, 2014
Nikon Digimax HD at America's Best
by: John

Thank you for that info about Crizal. I was just at America's Best checking on frames and Nikon lenses. AB carries what they call Digimax HD lenses with Nikon Total Shield. When I look at the page the only "Digi" product that I find is DigiLife. Do you have any comments on Nikon DigiLife vs. Varilux "S" Series?

Sep 09, 2014
Digimax HD and DigiLife vs Varilux "S" Series
by: Endre

Digimax HD lenses are not from Nikon, there is another company that makes these progressive lenses and they use only the Nikon Total Shield, that is an anti-reflective coating from Nikon. That’s why you could not find these lenses on Nikon webpage.

DigiLife is a progressive lens designed especially for intermediate vision (phone, laptop, tablet), so it has an extended middle part on lens. Varilux S series which refers to Comfort and Physio are for all-distances, without focusing on the intermediate.
These two type of lenses DigiLife and Varilux S series being from different categories can not be compared.

Jan 11, 2015
Am's Best Nikon
by: KenDay

After a terrible first experience with "progressives" I am going to try these:

From America's Best webpage:
Digimax HD with Nikon Total Shield

The Digimax HD lenses with Nikon Total Shield are made using the latest technology available to customize your lenses to your individual needs.

Whether you have a single vision prescription or wear progressive lenses, Digimax HD lenses offer superior visual clarity and up to 20% wider fields of view compared to conventional lenses.
Nikon Total Shield:

Lasts 15% longer than current AR coatings
Repels smudges, dust and dirt
Provides UV protection

Apr 27, 2015
Avoid Nikon progressive lenses!
by: Anonymous

Digimax HD has a poor, narrower field of vision than the newer aspheric free-form, hi-index, hi-definition progressives from the finest lens labs.
You will only find the Nikon progressives at budget opticals that require the lowest priced lens, although it is their 'premium' lens.

Apr 29, 2015
A Little Help...?
by: KenDay

Hey Anonymous,
My Nikons are OK. That is, I prefer them slightly to a single vision lens, I respect what the progressive lens can do, but I can't say I "love" them.

But you seem to have strong feelings about them. What are your credentials, your experience, your expertise with Nikon vs. others?


May 14, 2015
by: William Hutchings. DO

90% of lens manufacturers produce a very good lens.The manufacturer of the lens is much less important than where the optics are in the lens.

For instance as a metaphor, one can argue that his Chevy pickup truck in 4 wheel drive is a much better vehicle than your Lincoln Town Car. A Lincoln Town Car is not made to drive in the muddy woods; and a muddy and scratched up truck probably wouldn't be the best vehicle to drive five very nicely dressed people to church.

In short you don't know the questions to ask and certainly don't know whom to ask!

May 27, 2015
Giving it a try
by: Kathy

Having one eye that had a retinal detachment 11 years ago and having recently had Varilux lenses, willing to try Zeiss Progressive Individual 2 digital lenses.

I have had my current pair with Crizal coating and they have been great, but the sharper sight I experienced at first has sadly lessened after 11 months.

When I get these next week, I hope they are better

May 29, 2015
by: Anonymous

AM 'Best'(that is a misnomer) and Sam's Club sell Nikon Progressives: Older technology, not aspheric, not 1.74 higher index, do not have Trivex Transitions 'Vantage' nor most of the newest, vastly improved technology. Walmart, AM 'Best' Sam Clubs: narrower fields of vision and few of the newest technologies. Am 'Best' and the other mass merchants do not have, do not make available the newest technologies, according to Sam's Club's opticians, Niles, Ohio April 2015! AM 'Best' employees lied, stating their anti reflection coatings were judged superior to Crizal's 'Sapphire'as judged by Crizal. That AM 'Best' (and now Lens Crappers)is prohibited from offering Crizal-that is not a reason to lie to the public!

Jun 10, 2015
Autograph 3's are GREAT!
by: Todd March

I adore my Autograph 3's. Best progressive I've used--bar none. The closest I've tired to single vision lenses. The progressions in the corridor are SO natural and useful--and there is so little distortion! These truly have all the features Shamir advertises, and I am hooked. When I think of all the money I've wasted on Physios, Accolades, Surmounts, Nikons, and then the in-house HD lenses from several vendors who claimed they were just like the Autographs... Yikes!

Jun 27, 2015
by: Anonymous

The comments about Digimax are wrong. They come in 1.74 and 1.67. They are actually Nikon Lens (Walmart markets the lens under its actual name Nikon Eyes). And I am not sure where the narrow field of vision comes from. It actually one of the more wide lens options available. I mean bash those companies all you want but the lens isn't some bottom of the lake lens. It's actually a great option to consider.

Jun 29, 2015
Not Sold on the Progressive
by: Anonymous

Thanks, Anonymous. I have the Nikons from Am Best. Don't know if that's the same as the Walmart product or not. They are ok.

But this summer, while traveling in Europe, I have to say that I have pretty much given up on my progressives. I'll probably put them back on when I start teaching in the fall and sit at my computer a lot, but they are SUCH a compromise! I have to put up with 35% of my "corrected" vision out of focus. I may look at old school bi/trifocals. Unfortunately, I'm already out at least $350 for these high-tech lenses.

Aug 17, 2015
by: Anonymous

If you had seen your Doctor of Optometry, vision care specialist, your specific visual tasks would have been evaluated in order to prescribe that lens design that best fit your needs. In addition, the integrity of your visual as well as your ocular state would be part of that decision.
My OD explained that glasses have specific uses therefore I have several pair for various activities. I have computer glasses for when I am at my desktop, of course my sunglasses (polarized) when I am outdoors or driving days, general purpose glasses are for driving at night and indoors at home watching TV, reading etc. And a really cool pair for those times I want to make an impression.

Sep 20, 2015
Digimax/Nikon Eyes Are Different
by: Jeb

Digimax is a rebranded Essilor Ovation offered by National Vision which owns AmBest and certain Vision Centers inside WM. Nikon Eyes are Essilor Accolade Freedoms rebranded with a Rebranded Crizal AR coating. These lens are offered by WM owned Vision Centers. Digimax $150.00 plus frames, Nikon Eyes $380.00 plus frames. Completely different.

Sep 23, 2015
by: Anonymous

I have 13 years in the business and have to say
Digimax are not a superior lens. Sorry.

Oct 23, 2015
Walmart Nikons
by: Anonymous

Four years ago I had an excellent eye exam at Walmart. The technician recommended that I go with the Nikon Advance at that time. Loved those lenses!

Went back two years later and again went with the Nikon lens. I wanted a second pair of glasses but didn't want to pay the $400 plus price tag, so I went to Costco. They assured me that their lenses were excellent quality with a broad reading area.

Boy, were they wrong. Fast forward to today. I am on my second pair of Costco glasses. First pair actually hurt my eyes and when I put my Walmart Nikons on could actually feel my eyeballs relaxing - pure comfort to say the least.

Second pair of costcos a little better, but have to lift the glasses up to read in teeny tiny spot allocated for close up reading. Getting ready to take them back for number 3!

Each time I bought Walmart Nikon lenses I received a plastic warranty card from Nikon. Ready for another pair.

Still very pleased with Nikon but might try Zeiss Velocity this time. I hope they are as good! Will again go back to Walmart for exam.

Nov 11, 2015
Had many different progressives
by: Anonymous

I am on my 4th pair and because of how I use them, it has been very difficult to get fitted.

I have a very difficult astigmatism to deal with. I've spent 35 years in front of computers as a programmer. My distance, mid range 3-6 feet and near vision have all been compromised over the years. Unfortunately I've not found exactly the right combination.

I need my annual exam and will see the same Dr. for that because I have them do the films of the back of the eye since I have a high number of people in my family with glaucoma, but I'm not buying the lenses there.

I've had these for a little over a year and I'm not satisfied with distance and bi-focal length. They are fine for 3-6 feet distance.

Jan 03, 2016
Digimax Progressives
by: Anonymous

I got Digimax Fir the first time recently. It is my 3rd time getting progressives so I have had them for about 4 years or so.
I have been wearing glasses since I was a teen and am in my late 40's now. I am so amazed with the Digimax lenses I got at Walmart recently. Never in my life have I had lenses where I have seen so crystal clear. My eyes are relaxed and everything seems easier. I highly recommend.

Jan 07, 2016
Great Digimax Result
by: Anonymous

I have had a pair of Digimax lenses made by the Vision Center inside Walmart for the past 3 years. These were made for a relatively small rimless frame. The first set of lenses were not cut properly resulting in the left eye unable to focus accurately. The left lens was remade and the eyeglasses have been absolutely perfect. I can see distance, intermediate and close without issues.
I have had a change in Rx and now my eyeglasses are back at the Vision Center for new lenses. I have chosen the identical lenses since I have had such great results. I am hoping that the new pair will perform as well as the previous set.
I have had several brands of progressive lenses over the years and I have had no significant issues other than the initial adjustment to progressives. I am sure I could have spent more for Zeiss or other premium lenses but as long as my vision is accurate and the glasses are comfortable I feel the Digimax are perfect for my needs.

Jul 16, 2016
robert wood
by: Anonymous

I wear Nikon and need wider intermediate vision

Jul 18, 2016
by: Joseph

Nikon is subpar, in this lineup. Essilor is solid, but for all-purpose progressives, Shamir and the Varilux Physio Enhanced are top notch. If your Varilux lens is Physio or comfort, I'd say run with essilor, since it will be cheaper and very comparable.

Aug 11, 2016
by: Anonymous

Essilor ARE Varilux

Aug 26, 2016
What is the best lens for my eyes?
by: Tom

It's kind of confusing to read all the above!
So, which brand would be the best for our eyes in the market now? Anyone on this thread is in this business?

Thank you,

Aug 27, 2016
Cost Factor
by: Anonymous

With the price of both glasses and lenses going up in cost so dramatically in the last 10 years, every time I leave my eye doctor each year I am constantly thinking"There goes another $650 for 2 pairs of lenses!"

So what's the deal, how much and what Brand of progressive HD lense offers the best vision performance, best scratch protection, anti glare coating and polarized combination of lens and coatings is best for me.

The lenses I wear inside and at work are currently Verily progressives with A Crizal coating/ UV coated and my sunglasses are Polarized Verilux Progressive lenses that have a Crizal Coating.


It would be great to feel like I wasn't ripped off.


Jeff G.

Sep 06, 2016
Answer - What is the best lens for my eyes?
by: Arpi

As a moderator, I will be " moderate" and this is just an opinion of an ophthalmologist who prescribe eyeglasses for almost 15 years now.

I would say that there are many different people, with many different conditions that can determine which lens are best for them.

Some people have problems adapting to progressive lenses, other have problems adapting with different kinds of antireflective coatings or different color photochromatic lenses.

I know only that one do not fit all... It's like with cars, I should choose the one that serv you best. If you had one that served you well, the go with that.

If you want experiments, you will do it at your own risk and money, and you have to accept this.

I think that all big companies with years of experience and research are making very good lenses, but you must find the one that is good for you, and this is the real catch.

If is not good for you, this not mean necessarily that is a bad lens, it means only that is not good for you. Because this is a medical device that interacts with your system, there are too many factors that contribute to the quality of vision to blame only the device.

A big role is played by your eyes and your vision system. What I'm trying to say is that there is no best lens in the world, but there is one best lens FOR YOU. And you have to find it.

Sep 20, 2016
Shamir vs Varilux
by: Anonymous

Here's my RX
O.D +125 -175 083
O.S +125 - 175 088
Add O.D. +250
Add O.S. +250

My add just got changed from +225 to +250
It's reaking havoc on the size of the channel soooo much smaller now.

I have Lindberg drill mounts due to petite & small face.
I used to have Zeiss Individuals until they went sky high & are no longer made in Germany.
Got switched to Essilor Verilux Physio & S...not happy with either & can actually see the small numbers on the lenses.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I need another pair ASAP!

Oct 09, 2016
Some honest info...I am in the industry
by: Anonymous

Anything to do with the large companies, walmart, pearle, lens crafters, sears opt, target opt, sams club and costco is about budget lenses. This is a good option for those who only care about price and are not picky with their vision. For those looking for the best, you pay for what you get like anything else.

When you go to a private practice that stays away from the monopoly players that own the industry and are only concerned for profitability, you can hopefully then get an honest overview of the lenses available today.

Note, there will be some friction from the people working for the big companies who will say something against this post...the big players have money and are a part of everything. When someone posts that they are thrilled with Walmart lenses, it makes me think...hmmm one of two things. Either they have never had any issues with progressives in the first place or they work for the big guys. Be smart. Anyway, here is some valuable info for those of you looking for the best quality progressive lenses..

First of all, there are categories of progressives, the best being category N and going down to category O, F, J and K. Those chain monopoly brand lenses are similar to category K. Bottom of the barrel such as Ovation lenses that have been around forever and were just rebranded as someone else stated. Some of the rebranded free form lenses might actually be of a similar quality to category F or even O but if they cannot tell you what category their lenses fall into then you are definitely not getting the best lenses on the market.

The best progressive lenses are Category N progressives such as Shamir Autograph III, Zeiss Individual II, Hoyalux ID, Kodak Unique and Varilux Physio Enhanced. These lenses ALL are available in different materials and anti reflective coatings.

If you are looking for the best, you will pay for them. They are not cheap. Get vision insurance and then they are cheap. With vision insurance, you will pay similar to what you would pay for the budget lenses.

Good luck and enjoy!

Nov 11, 2016
MyFocal HD Progressives vs Zeiss or Varilux Physio
by: Donna

I'm thinking about getting progressives for the first time. Rx: OD pl / OS -1.75 / Add +2.25 on both.
One place told me Zeiss are the best. I've read that Zeiss and Varilux Physio are top dogs.
I went to Davis Vison and they use MyFocal HD Progressives. Is this their own brand and is it comparable to the top brand names such as Zeiss or some Varilux? I can find anything on MyFocal brand. Being a first time progressive buyer, I want to ensure I'm purchasing the best I can (at a somewhat reasonable price) so I can the have the most sucess with progressives. I do have vison insurance.

Dec 21, 2016
Best progressive..
by: Dave

There is no outright "best" progressive. The best progressive's are found by a good optician which narrows down your lifestyle and needs for a progressive lens. Your RX and lifestyle pretty much determine all you need to know in wearing progressive lenses. For example, someone mentioned the Seiko Surmount and Supernal. Surmount is great for hyperopes, but terrible for myopes. The Supernal is the complete opposite. Both are great lenses, but they aren't for everyone. Some lenses give more periphery in the distance, but you lose a bit in the intermediate. Others give you a huge intermediate, but don't have as much periphery in the distance.

I hear some people complaining about the corridor narrowing with the new RXs and they believe it's due to a substandard lens. While the theory is possible, the higher the add power gives you a narrower corridor even with the same design. The higher the add power the more you lose in terms of reading width. That's just in the science/tech behind progressive lenses. That's why when you hear an optician tell an early presbyope to move to progressives, but they struggle through distance only for close to a decade til they absolutely can't function without an add power. You are able to train your eyes for easier adaptation starting with a lower add then trying to adapt to a 2.25 or 2.50 right out of the gate. That's when you start the process of having a higher percentage of being a non-adapt.

Jan 02, 2017
Teflon coating AR if heated can cause cancer of the eyeballs.
by: JaninMichigan

Teflon coating AR if heated can cause cancer of the eyeballs!
I stopped using Teflon frying pans 40 years ago because the it gives off a fluorocarbon gas and was causing cancer of the stomach and esophagus.
So why would I ever put that on my Transitions and go lay in the Sun and read or what if left my glasses in car in the heat of the day?
So, I just canceled my order at the Meijers store I told that guy I do not want Teflon but he did a sales pitch back at me.
This site has been very helpful in buying another pair of Progressives . I had my Cataracts done in 2013 and bought the glasses I have from Sears who uses Easyclear. Then I broke my "stem" so have to get a new pair.
I use the computer at 27"to 30" away...A TV and Newer Monitor has a LED lights it in which gives off Blue Light which can cause insomnia..
So It thought I wanted to buy Zeiss blue light but got sold every thing but , Meijers uses their own labs and charged me $888 with half off and then $25 for warrenty x one year.....! for HD Solaractiv progressive.
So , I am canceling the order ........they said it would take 3 weeks to get them anyways.
Then I looked at the card i carry from my Alcon implants
and it says UVwith blue light filter. So I shouldn't need it in a eyeglass then. I know the doctor said they are slightly yellow but it wouldn't turn my iris yellow.!
Here is my prescription any advice is appreciated .
OD-Plano,+0.25-axis,125,add +2.25
OS-0.50,+0.25 ,Axis 089,add +2.25
OU- 20/15-for distance
Also, I have been reading online not on this site but other sites and so many people have complained about their eyes burning after having their glasses on for more than 2 hours.......nothing was mentioned if they had Teflon coating but I couldn't add a comment on that site to warn them........
I know if I hadn't studied Teflon and fluoride and fluorine gas causing cancer I wouldn't even have worried about it.....sometimes all the knowledge we get just ruins capitalism cuz companies could care less about quality and producing healthy products to make them wealthy , they produce for profit only . if it kills us so what they have contributed to depopulating the world of stupid people..or making diseased people for doctors to treat.!...Only the smart and rich will survive....
ALSO, Iam concerned that the plastic lens are not BPA Free ! and you get those heated up or wear in subzero weather another health hazard.
What a I want is BPA free and Teflon Free glasses..and I can't wear metal frames either they attract EMF/WIFI rays and sometimes have nickel in them ,and I do not want those next to my brain...

Avoid polycarbonate containers (sometimes marked with a #7 or "PC"). These plastics are rigid and transparent, like plastic food storage containers and water bottles, among other things. Trace amounts of BPA can migrate from these containers, particularly if used for hot food or liquids. Soft or cloudy-colored plastic does not contain BPA.

A recent study from Harvard University found that college students drinking their cold drinks from polycarbonate bottles had 93% more BPA in their bodies than during the weeks that they drank liquids from other containers.

We recommend the use of glass and ceramic instead of plastics. When you have no choice, plastics marked with a #1, 2, 4, or 5 don’t contain BPA and may be better choices.

Feb 01, 2017
Digimax versuses Varilux
by: Anonymous

I'm a former America's Best employee that has worn Digimax lenses for 3 years and was very happy with them. This last year I put Vart Varilux lenses into my frame so that I could compare them. I had heard some people tell me how great the Varilux was. I didn't notice a difference in the lenses. I feel like you're just paying more for the Varilux name.

Feb 26, 2017
Digimax and Varilux
by: Anonymous

Essilor Ovation(Digimax) and Varilux Comfort are essentially the same lense design. You would notice little difference if you were wearing Comforts. Essilor is mostly sold by the large eyewear chains, where as Varilux is sold by Licensed Opticians/Optometrists.

Apr 20, 2017
Nikon Vs Zeiss
by: eyeglasslady

Walmart has several HD progressives. Nikon, Zeiss, and Seiko. All are a good solid lens, they all have their pros and cons. Nikon lenses are made by Essilor, Zeiss lens orders are farmed out to the Zeiss lab. I don't know enough about Seiko to comment however I do know they do not offer a warranty. I do know that as an optician we cringe when we sale a HD Nikon photochromatic progressive lens, as we seem to get a lot of crazing issues on Nikon lenses, this maybe due to our geographic location where consumers are exposed to both high and low temperatures. Nikon's customer service is great however the turn around time on warranties is a little longer than Zeiss'. Zeiss progressives seem to be easier adaptable than the Nikons, and Zeiss Velocity Photochromatic turns faster and has less quality issues than Nikon. They both come with 2 options an enhanced field of vison and a superior both fields of vision are much larger than the standard progressive lens. As for those comments I have seen that your reading area is too low or the intermediate or distance corridor is not wide enough. These errors fall on the optician for not understanding your needs to choose the right type of lens for you and for measuring your corridor incorrectly. If you are lifting your glasses to read, you need to return to them, there are adjustments they can make if it is off slightly if it is a large adjustment they need to remeasure you and remake this.

Oct 31, 2017
Varilux 3 Strike Outs
by: Anonymous

All three previous pairs had problems & the first two providers refused to make adjustments. I was delayed asking the third provider for adjustments, by two days, so couldn't get adjusted. Now thinking Zeiss, but concerned about an above post that remarked they now sublet their lenses. Anyway, glad I found this thread.

Nov 22, 2017
Progressive lenses are a scam by the eyeglass opticalindustry.
by: Kaokao

I hate progressive lenses, every pair I've had.
1) you lose your peripheral vision,
2) when reading a document, the lenses are specifically made so the left eye's focus is ADJACENT to the right eye's focus. That's right, what your left eye sees in focus, your right eye sees out of focus. Don't let any optician tell you differently.
3) they try to convince you that this is satisfactory vision after spending hundreds of dollars.
4) if the manufacturers made simpler lenses that actually worked, they couldn't charge you the exorbitant prices, and the opticians wouldn't make much money.
5) the driving factor is to make money, and they can only do that with average vision instead of excellent.

Nov 23, 2017
'Best' progressive.
by: Doc Stevens

1st: Try a computer lens. You should be offered a 30-60 day trial. Preference-a lens that functions best with your significant astigmatism.
2nd: Shamir's 'Free Form' aspheric lenses.
3rd. There exist no 'best' lens.
4th: You will have the best opportunity for success with a local optician with the owner in the office. Look for a licensed optician with over a decade of experience.

Jan 23, 2018
Zeiss and Costco
by: Anonymous

Years ago after failing with Varilux (not the same as today), I found Rodenstock, sharper and wider fields (at the time my eyes were -5.5 + 1.25). Forward, I bought Zeiss which were sharper esp peripheral. Zeiss fields of view excellent, distant and close, however, very expensive for top of the line. Within the last 1.5 years Costco introduced high index HD lenses that are clearly not as good as Zeiss but are about ¼-⅓ the price. I now own several pairs of Costco eyeglasses. The weakness in high index is thickness at the center for someone as nearsighted as I. Costco is a high integrity seller. The first pair was slightly off with the way I use my eyes. They remade one lens at no cost. Every high integrity shop will do this. My ophthalmologist tech got a previous Zeiss prescription wrong. They remade both lenses. I doubt you can get the same service mail order, but haven't tried it.

Jan 24, 2018
progressive zeiss Vs shamir autograph 3
by: Anonymous

I am trying to find best progressive lens , studying about Trivax material . which one should I choose ?? shamir autograph3 or zeiss individual 2?? please help me . IS there any difference ??
Than you

Jan 28, 2018
Progressives from Walmart.
by: Anonymous

I have had my new digi-max hd SV hi-index 1.6 for 48 hours. I still have not been able to find the sweet spot for my near vision. Any suggestions?

Feb 08, 2018
what is the best digital high definition progressive for
by: Anonymous

not noticing the identification marking? Please help, I'm have been a high volume optician for 33 years. I just had my first complaint about high definition digital progressive lenses. They picked up their new digital progressives and called me three hours later "raving how much they liked them" however only after wearing them for two weeks they called and said they were already scratched. After I inspected the them, I realized they weren't scratched but what the patient was seeing was the progressive Identification markings/engravings. I offered to remake them but i at a loss as to what digital to put them with to eliminate the problem. can anyone offer a suggestion/recommendation? Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks

Feb 13, 2018
File off the numbers
by: Anonymous

I had the same issue on my Essilor lenses...about drove me crazy...ended up switching to
Zeiss OD has the lab "sand/file off" the numbers ftom my Essilors but I could still see the etching.
It’s a real flaw with Essilor lenses!😉

Feb 15, 2018
Nikon Presio lens category
by: Anonymous

I wanted to get the best category progressive lens (N) and had planned to get Varilux-X lens, but my optician felt strongly that Nikon Presio lens were excellent. The price difference was several $100s, so I went with the Nikons. Does anyone know what category they are?

Mar 28, 2018
Nikon Digimax
by: Anonymous

I've worn eyeglasses since 2 years of age. I am very picky about the frame, weight, and lenses (clarity and thickness). I have worn Nikon Digimax from Eyeglass World for 5 years. I tried America's Best Digimax and was not pleased- narrow view). There is a definite wider progressive area of view with the my lenses from Eyeglass World. Plus, they tint when in the car. Prior to these lenses, I wore high index lenses from Eyeglass World (since 1996). I've tried EyeMasters, VisionMart Express, and LenseCrafters. I did not like the lense thickness, weight, or lack of clarity. I put both of my kids in their high index lenses as well. $800 for a single pair of glasses if highway robbery. You're only funding the pockets of the optometrist that has ties to the store. Usually they are small stores and the optometrist is 'in house'.

May 10, 2018
normal progressive lens maybe better
by: Anonymous

I had my first progressive glasses two years ago, it is a Costco HD. It is perfect to see distance, very large field of view (FOV), just like a single vision glasses, see things crystal clearly from edge to edge of the frame. The issue is that the FOV is very small for intermediate and reading distance. So , I decided to pay triple the price to try ZEISS individual2 lens, OMG, the ZEISS indivicual lens have only 50%~60% distance FOV of the Coctco one, only a little bit better in reading distance, smaller intermediate FOV. After four times sending back to the lab to remake the lens, still only one eye has good vision at one time, I cannot see clearly with both eyes simultaneously, i.e. the clear vision FOV is so small that the pupil relative to the lens sweet point is very narrow, I cannot see clearly with both eyes simultaneously or the clear area of the two eyes is not overlaping .

Aug 29, 2018
by: Louise

I had a Nikon SeeMax 1.67 index (I think) and went to a thinner 1.74 index but I am finding that the 1.74 is not nearly as clear with a lot narrower vision out to the sides, especially on the left side (right side doesn't seem that bad). Of course they send me home to wear them for 10 days saying I will get used to them but can't even tolerate 15 minutes on the computer and have to take them off as things are just not clear. Is this typical when going to a higher index or is something else wrong? HELP!

Sep 03, 2018
Hello Louise
by: Arpi

The whole production of a lens is modified when we compare a normal and a high index lens.

Because is thinner, the whole dynamics of the light is different through this lens and I think it is normal to experience different vision problems.

To some degree, is ok and your eyes can adapt, but if is bad, like you said only 15 min and that's it, then I doubt you will get used to them.

The problem is the index, and if you cannot get used to them, then you have to change them, is the only solution.

You should check the warranty and the conditions of warranty to see if this shop will make the changes back, based on the lack of adaptation.

Hope this helps.

Mar 17, 2019
Nikon Seemax ultimate and Varilux X series
by: Chriss


I am about to change my glasses and lense.I am hesitating between Nikon Seemax ultimate and Varilux X series. What is the difference between those two technologies? Is one better than the other? Thanks!

May 14, 2019
No such thing as Progressive Lens Categories
by: Anonymous

Let me qualify the following statement by stating that I have almost 30 years in the optical industry from the lab to dispensing. I have over 20 years dispensing eyewear and I currently wear 32 different Progressive Lens designs from Zeiss, Shamir, Varilux, and Unity (VSP's house brand made by IOP). I also wear 8 different sunglass progressive lens designs.

The lens categories mentioned above are absolute nonsense as the lens categories K,J,F,O,N have been set by VSP (Vision Service Plan).

These categories are used to identify reimbursement from VSP to the different labs and drs offices. It important to note that VSP owns several large labs nationwide, Davis has their own lab in San Antonio (they are shutting down all the other labs), Eyemed has their own labs in Dallas and Cincinnati, and other vision plans own their own labs as well.

This list changes from year to year and is simply based on the contract pricing VSP has with the various manufactures. Each vision insurance company has their own price/category list for the different lenses and upgrades, etc for each item. These are all based on much the same way the rest of insurance is based on pricing and contracted rates for services (usually regionally).

Between the 30 something lenses I am currently wearing there are a few a wouldn't sell to anybody regardless of the cost, then there are a couple that are exceptional (particularly for the price).

It is also important to remember that most lens manufactures and some Vision Insurance companies offer the optical companies, optometrists, and opticians rebates and other perks for selling more of a particular Progressive lens. VSP rebates between $20 to $50 for each Unity progressive and Unity product sold (their house brand). Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, Target, and Sears Optical are owned by Essilor who own roughly 60 to 80% of all optical lenses on the market (including progressive lenses), Essilor also wholly owns the Varilux line of Progressive Lenses as well as Crizal, Transitions Lenses, and now own 51% of SHAMIR. EyeMed is owned by Luxottica who merged with Essilor a couple of years ago.

My point is that as different as one progressive might be from the other lens, you can't determine which is best by using the VSP or any other Vision Insurance Progressive lens category. These are for internal use only and unfortunately too many optical companies and opticians have become lazy and complacent using the list as a Marketing Tool.

The only way to find a good quality progressive is to find a competent qualified optician that understands the difference between lens A and lens B. With any luck the optician is wearing progressive lenses as well so he/she can relate to your needs a little better. Also any good optical company, OD's office should offer at least a 3 mos trial period to allow you to change your Progressive to another design or if you prefer to change back to a single vision or lined bi/trifocal lenses. Note most optical companies will not offer a refund of any kind or on the difference ot the lens costs since all progressive lenses are custom made products.

When opting to purchase progressive lenses, I always recommend you order the best quality of lenses and coatings you can afford in any brand. The reason is very simple, the better lenses typically have the higher success rate of customer satisfaction due to the quality of the materials and designs used in the products.

I understand that not everybody can afford a BMW or Lexus, but you can maybe afford the best Kia has to offer. I use this analogy to remind folks that you are going to use your glasses 7 days a week between 12 to 16 hours so it is important you can see well. Also try to keep this same idea in mind when selecting an eyeglass frame, the frame should be well made, and comfortable to wear day in and day out.

Jul 01, 2019
What are thes lenses exactly?
by: Nancy

I just got some progressives and the receipt says: "Zeiss AGT; Luzerne Sight Star 365 " I can't figure out exactly what type of lenses these are... are they "HD digital" ? I should have asked more questions when I got them and I'm going back today (today is my last day to get them remade ) My vision just doesn't seem as sharp as my previous glasses (which I got at BJs - local big box store.... of course I"m not sure I know what type lenses those were....) Thanks for any help - again, mainly just trying to know what type of lenses they gave me .... are they basic lenses, or premium or ??? They told me they were "one of the best progressive lenses they offer" I think ....

Oct 13, 2019
Essilor comfort series Titan eye plus
by: Mikki

I have been using Essilor Axion Progressive (the cheapest starting range) since last 5 yrs. Recently I switched over to Essilor Comfort series through Titan Eye Plus. To my surprise Comfort lense was giving clear FOV only in a small area left of the centre line. They changed the lense saying it will be custom designed for me. The replaced lense was even worse. Finally Titan returned the whole amount after some persuasion.
I wrote to Essilor directly to give an answer as to why the primitive and cheaper Axion series was better than costlier Comfort series. But no answer.
Now I am thinking of trying Zeiss. Any advice on that

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