Size of Rimless Frames

by Alex
(London, UK)

Q: I wonder why do they use the lens size in rimless frames? As the frames are rimless anyone should be able to put lens of almost any reasonable size in it, right?

The reason for me to ask is that I currently wear glasses with a rimless frame of 52/20. I just wonder if wonder if I can have a 55/18 rimless frame with a 52mm lens to make sure it fits on my ears and let the optometrist to work his magic with the PD.


A: Hello Alex

You are right, it is possible to modify the shape of the lens so you can put any shape or almost any size of the lens in this type of frame.

They use model lenses simply because this way you can see the frame.

Imagine if the frame would come in a plastic bag without lenses, you would not know how it looks on you.

Usually the shape is not random, it is chosen accordingly with the type of frame ( male or female), destination ( business or sport), and it is just as an idea for you.

You can pick a different shape from another frame in the shop and ask your optician to make it possible.

Hope this helps

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