Should I wear my glasses all the time?

by Gina

Q: I have glasses that correct for astigmatism and farsightedness, mostly because I experience some eyestrain.

My eyedoctor told me to use my glasses for anything closer than arms length, but my distance vision is clearer with my glashe's as well, although my depth perception is not so great.

Should I wear my glasses all the time? Is this farsightedness normal for a person as young as me (16)?

A:Hello Gina,

If you have astigmatism as you say, you should wear the eyeglasses all the time because this is a far and near vision problem.

Usually, the close vision is more affected at young people, but also the far vision.

If they said to wear them for close vision, is because young people sometimes have accommodation problems and this will help, so, my advice is to wear them all the time and check your vision once a year and make the necessary changes if needed.

Hope this helps,

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