Should I be worried about a Cylinder change of 1.25 within a year?

by Angela
(Somerset, United Kingdom)

Q: My recent optometrist appointment revealed that my current eye prescription was over-compensating for an astigmatism in my right eye.

That wasn't surprising as the only reason I had them checked after just a year was that I could actually see better without the varifocals than with.

When I bought them I took them back, but after one change and they were no better, I was told I just needed to get use to them.

I typically work 10hr+ days in a computer environment (multiple monitors etc.) and my primary need is intermediate and near, non-glare glasses. Secondary is an accurate pair of varifocals.

Right eye:
2016: Cyl -1.5; Axis 15; Sph -0.5; Near Add +2
2017: Cyl -0.25; Axis 10; Sph -0.25; Near Add +1.75

Left eye:
2016: Cyl -0.75; Axis 130; Sph -0.25; Near Add +2
2017: Cyl -1.00; Axis 115; Sph +0.25; Near Add +1.75

Naturally the 'top-of-the-range' most expensive varifocals have been recommended but before I waste the hundreds of pounds I did last year I need to know whether I should get this remarkably different prescription confirmed somewhere else.

A: Hello Angela,

As I know, the cylinder diopters don't just disappear, so here are two possibilities:

- One is that you have this diopter but you can still manage them so putting them in an eyeglass does not help you, but gives you bad vision.
Usually, the cylinder diopter is not entirely compensated with eyeglasses because a part of it is compensated by your eyes and brain, so is natural that you had a bad vision with it.

- Second, maybe the consultation was not entirely accurate, and this is not a good thing.

My advice is what you said, ask for another opinion, make another consultation before spending a lot of money.

Maybe the truth is somewhere between the two prescriptions.

The most important are that you have 100% vision far and close with both eyes, and you are comfortable wearing the glasses.

Hope this helps,

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