Shamir Autograph 3 vs Varilux S4D

by Priti
(Mumbai, India )

Q: Hi there,

I'm feeling pressured to chose between Shamir autograph 3 and Varilux S 4D

My current lenses are Nikon Pressio Power which are not bad per se but given the fact that my frames are totally makeshift now thanks to them not sitting correctly hence my DIY optician in India thought he'd adjust the sides and forcibly get them to stay on ( it's not the best fit ) hence I can never really tell how good the nikons lenses are.
Plus there's always been a dark tinge on the lenses which I always notice when I look at myself in the mirror and this can be damn annoying since it makes me look like I have a black eye most times !

Plus I've learned to live with them for a year now and finding they smudge very easily and getting harder to clean.

But now I've found my perfect frames, Lindbergs which are titanium and acetate, Im pretty sure I don't want to go back the Nikon way and instead get lenses with more updated technology.

My frames which I've ordered from an Italian online store called seem to have arrived and the sales agent is persuading me to get the lenses fitted from them and strongly recommending the Shamir Autograph 3 which she is claiming is The official brand for Lindberg which Im not able to cross check with Lindberg as they are not a company that will entertain direct enquirers strangely enough and have told me in no uncertain terms (very strange policy if you ask me !)

What complicates the matter is that I'm currently in India where it's even harder to verify any Claims since the opticians are heavily influenced by the brands that supply them and somehow Essilors Varilux 4 SD seems to be the in thing here now Sfter speaking to some 3 opticians and one is even a Lindberg agent who highly recommends the Varilux 4SD.

My doubt is whether it's truly that amazing or whether none of them are even aware of the Shamir autograph 3 which by the way is further claiming that the Varilux technology has been developed by Shamir in the first place ? I wouldnt know how to evaluate such claims and have no access to anyone who can give me an unbiased opinion on these two as well as whether it's advisable to buy and get the lenses fitted online ;

My prescription is from a trusted family optometrist in the USA and according to him it's not at a good idea to buy lenses online and hence get them fitted unless your physically present and that's complication number 2 as the online store seem to be dispensing them all the time and yet it's not advised to do so by most optometrists ?

My prescription is apparently not a complicated one but because I've so many issues adjusting to my current specs which I feel is more to do with the fact that the actual frames are a very odd fit for me (and I should have changed them much sooner). But I also have sensitive eyes I feel and would like to get the best lenses possible now so I get more mileage from my eyes in the later years of my life.

This is my new prescription and very basic according to my optometrist :

DV O.D +.75 ( spherical ) -0.50 ( cylindrical ) 090 ( Axis )
O.S +.75 ( spherical ) -0.50 ( cylindrical ) 070 ( Axis )
N.V O.D +2.25 progressive

If anyone can please shed some light on my lens predicament, Varilux 4 SD or Shamir autograph 3 ? Many thanks in advance.

A: Hello
I have to congratulate you for wearing and sticking with progressive lenses. I understand that you have Nikon progressive lenses, and want to change them. Well… choosing a new brand is always hard, and there always will be the questions like:

- Are these lenses better?
- Will I adapt to them?
- How good are they?

These questions are all reasonable because I think that the primary role of the optician is to teach you and give you valuable advice about the lenses. I will agree with your optometrist friend and tell you that ordering a progressive prescription from the internet may cause some unpleasant situations.

The eyeglass need to be adjusted to your face. The interpupillary distance only will not be enough to have perfect vision. All the measurements required for a good glass are made with you in the room, so I would tell you to do it in an optical shop.

About the lenses brand, this is a long discussion and my opinion is that is all about marketing.

It is normal that an online store to promote their brand, and it is normal that the optical shops to promote also some brands and not other ones. All this is marketing.

But if you ask me, I have a long experience with Varilux, and I was always pleased with these lenses. I’m not saying the Shamir is not okay, not at all, but I think the long tradition and experience the Varilux producers have with progressive lenses is difficult to beat.

I think the optical shops have a kind of warranty that lets you give back the eyeglass if you are not satisfied with them. So maybe you can try one of the brands, and if you are not convinced, you can change them.

If not, I also think the differences between different brands are not that big, and is all about what you want from your eyeglasses, I mean what kind of activity you do, how you wear them, for what.

If you have a clear idea and explain it to your optician, I am sure he or she can help you out with the choosing.

Hope this helps,

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May 02, 2017
I've got you covered
by: Jon G.

I've always said that the Autograph III is the best progressive in the world but the new ability and consideration of the Varilux S series is giving it a run for their money. The Autograph III started what Varilux S now calls" W.A.V.E. Technology" as far as helping beat out the wavy abberations that happens when having a progressive lens. The only thing I will recommend is a Trivex Lens and Crizal antireflective to give you the best premium products.

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