Round Lens

by J Mass
(Atlanta, GA)

Q: Round lens fit the frame 100 ways, what do I do?

I have perfectly round frames.
Normal lens only fit into a frame one way. Round lens can fit a frame in endless ways.
If not put in correctly, I get headaches, etc.

I ordered progressive high index from walmart and they cannot get them in straight. I can go in 10 times for checking - and they will put it in differently 10 ways.
So, how do I get this right? How can I order a lens marked?

I use computer all day and also do some regular driving and TV watching. I have progressives now and enjoy them. I do have issues with dry eye and eye strain. What is the best lens for me? I mostly have eye strain with computer use.

I was looking at 1.74 high index Kodak Unique DS, but I was wondering what is really best? My concern is more eyestrain than anything else. I don't mind blur as much I mind pain.

Thank you!


Sphere Cylinder Axis Add
OD: -5.5 1.75
OS: -6 1.75

Visual Acuity:
OD 20/20
OS 20/20

A: Hello

Related to the round frame, I think it is interesting to have a frame like this, but for a progressive lens this could be a problem. Typically not your problem but the optician's problem.

Indeed, any mistakes made during the mounting of the lenses can be tough for you. Because the progressive lens has more diopters arranged in a particular order and with a specific position in the lens, the mounting ask for extra care. But, it has distinct markings that allow the optician to mount them correctly, so you don't have to ask for marked lenses, they usually are marked before mounting.

About the computer lenses, I think it is important that you have some protection from the blue light emitted by the computer. So is not that important which company but which protection coating the lenses have. Normally, the eye strain and the dry eye is a separate problem, the protection coatings can only help to attenuate the symptoms, extra measures are needed...

I can advise you to take a 5 min break every hour, stay the correct distance from the monitor, and you can use artificial tears drops for the dry eyes. They work usually. From my experience, the dry eyes generate pain often, and if you deal with the dry eyes, the rest will disappear slowly.

Of course, the lens coatings are also important. You have to explain to the optician what kind of activities you do so you can choose the best lenses, and you should be okay combined with the extra measures explained above.

About the best lenses, I would say that the progressive lenses with the computer protection coatings are the best for you. Because of your diopters, the high index lenses are welcomed.

The rest is about personal choices. I usually recommend to go with those companies you know and served you well in the past.

Hope this helps,

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