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Q: In 2013 I was given a pair of reading glasses which I have since found out to be a magnificaion on 1.25

In 2015 I got some varilux progressive glasse with a clear glass distance as I do not need glasses for distance.
The reading part was increase to 1.75 although at the time I did not realise this.
They are also transition lenses. They were made for me to be able to enter in and outside and not have to change from sunglasses to reading.

At first they were not very successful. But once the limitations were explained to me for exampe some mild blurring at the distance periphery and having to move my head to read I used them for a while but drifted back to just using reading glasses when required and sunglasses outised.

2016 comes around and I decided to get another pair of reading glasses so I could just have another pair for another room in the house.

When I orderd them I assumed they would be the same as my original readers 1.25 but they were made up to 1.75 magnification. I only found this out because they were thicker than my original readers. They are also a bigger frame which has also been explained to me as a reason why they are thicker.

My question is in two parts given that I am quite happy with my original readers at 1.25 and use them still do I need the stronger 1.75 the optometerist has said that my original glasse wont last much longer as my eyes will deteriorate over time.

I can still read without glasses except in poor light.

Will the stonger ones make my original ones redundant and overall make me more reliant on having to wear reading glasse whenever I read?

Thank you Chris

A: Hello Chris

You have presbyopia.
This means you need the close vision glasses to do close range activities because there is a problem with your close range adaptation.

What is to know about presbyopia us that usually, a diopter is good for 1-2 years as the problem advances so that you will need a stronger prescription.

The prescription you had two years ago is probably not enough for you anymore. If you do not have any far distance diopters, I don't see the point in making progressive eyeglasses, is expensive and if you make transition glasses, you reduce the light that reaches the eyes when reading and this is not helping.

Outside, you should wear sunglasses; they are cheaper than the progressive eyeglasses and more efficient (UV protection, polarized lenses).

As for the close vision glass, make a new prescription with the diopters that you feel is the best for you, is the most comfortable and easy to wear. Do not mind the diopters, the numbers do not count. Also, is the general evolution of the presbyopia, so sometimes in the future you will need a stronger prescription, no matter if you wear or not the glasses. The only difference is how much can you read or work before your eyes become tired, and you have to stop.

Hope this helps

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