Reading Glasses question

by Lenny
(North Plainfield NJ USA)

Q: Hi,

I have these over the counter reading glasses..they are +3.25 strength..I'm a little blurry at this strength..

I found there places on the web where you can get these type of glasses for higher than +3.25 strength.

My question is that a safe way to go? Can that strength damage your eyes?

A: Hello Lenny

The right distance for reading is 40-50 cm from your eyes.

If you try a pair of glasses and you see clearly at 40 cm, they are ok. If is blurry, they are too strong or too weak.

This is not good, using this glasses can damage your vision, give you headaches, excessive tearing and fatigue.

My recommendation is to make first a consult to see the right diopters and then order them online.

Just buying over the counter is not entirely right, there are several things to consider: -

- interpupillary distance
- a difference of diopters between the eyes
- other eye problems that need treatment.

Hope this helps,

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