Progressives and too many lens changes

by Sandy

Q: I have 5 diff pairs of rx glasses that I deal with daily. Now I am planning on getting my first pair of progressive lens (at 71 yrs old) and would like to invest in a better lens.

My only concern is in last 2 yrs I have had too many upgrades or changes in lens I assume due to my dry eye and or glaucoma. I cannot afford to spend money of progressives and then have to get new lenses 9 months later.

Any suggestions to my dilema? Thanks.

A: Hello Sandy,
I understand your dilemma, and I can tell you that it is not an easy situation. Glaucoma that you have affects everything in your eyes.
Starting with the eye pressure, diopters, visual field, optic nerve.

The problem is that these parameters are continuously changing because of glaucoma and this is not helping. I do not know how advanced your glaucoma is, but I know that having this condition, the adaptation with the progressive lenses will be harder and slower and there is a chance that will not happen at all.

The dry eye can be a side effect of the glaucoma treatment (I guess that you use eye drops all the time), and this can also complicate the situation.

My point is that progressive lenses may be not the best option for you because you will have to change them often, the vision will not be perfect because of your condition and the accommodation will complicate your life.

In the end, you can try them but, because they are so expensive, it's not an easy choice. If you have more questions please do not hesitate to write, I will answer you if it helps.


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