Progressive Lenses

Q: Hi everybody!

I need some help with advice about what is the best type of frame for progressive prescriptions.

Some people tell me the bigger the better. Is that true?

A: Hello,

As you know the progressive lenses have many diopters and they are at a specific distance one from the other in the lens.

So to have all the diopters prescribed on the lens and to have the best vision, there is a minimum height that the frame needs to have.

The best thing is to tell your optician to help you choose the frames that fit best your lenses so you can best benefit from your progressive eyeglasses. And don't worry, they are not that big.

There are also special progressive lenses that have a smaller distance between diopters and fit in smaller frames, these are harder to get used to.

If this is your first pair of progressive lenses, I recommend you to go with the normal size.

Hope this helps,

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