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Q: I have a situation where I ordered glasses from a local optician. I have had problems with them from the start. They re-made the lenses and while I was there, I took a cell phone photo of the prescription printed out and laying in the tray with the glasses.

It does not match the prescription I took them! No wonder they give me headaches.

Is there some reason the prescription with the glasses would be different from the one I gave them from my optometrist? Are some adjustments made that would make it different?

A: Hello

Well, this is interesting. I think the only situation when a prescription can be different but the same is when you have astigmatism because you can write the prescription 2 different ways but it is the same thing.

You can write this kind of prescription with (+) cylinder or with (-) cylinder so even if it looks different, is really the same thing.

If you do not have astigmatism, then there is a mistake because you can write the prescription only one way.

I think the best way to find out is to send me the picture with the prescription you saw there and the real prescription, maybe this way I can tell you (use again the FAQ section and upload the picture).

If not, you can go back there and simply ask about this problem. I'm sure they have a good explanation for the situation.

Hope this helps,

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