Prescription for Reading and Distance?

by Kate
(Hyderabad, India)

Q: I am 35 YO and only recently I got my first pair of eyeglasses that, according to the doctor, I should wear all the time.

The prescription is this:

OD +1.25 (-0.5) 167
OS +1.50 (0.0) 0
PD 66.

I have a very small astigmatism in my right eye.
Can this prescription be for both reading and distance?

A: The answer is Yes, you can have the same prescription for far and close vision.
Normally, there are three basic refractive problems that you can have:

1. Myopia is corrected with (-) spherical lenses
2. Hypermetropia: is corrected with (+) spherical lenses
3. Astigmatism: is corrected with cylinder lenses.

All this situations you need to wear the eyeglasses all the time and the correction is for all, no matter of the distance.

The presbyopia is the lack of accommodation for close vision only and begins after the age of 40. In this situation, you will need different diopters for far and near.

As I see the situation, you have hypermetropia with little astigmatism and your eyeglasses will be for correcting all vision, near and far.

Hope this helps,

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