Old Lenses

by Sharon Dunn
(Columbia, SC)

Q: Can I use the old lenses in new frames?

I have fairly new eyeglasses (one year). Due to an over-the-ear hearing aid, the glasses no longer fit without rubbing my ear, which hurts. Can I have the eye doctor remove these lens and put them in a rimless or frameless glass frame? Will this help with the weight?

A: Hello Sharon,

Yes, this can be a problem because of the hearing aid. I also had this problem once, and we tried different methods but in the end, we decided that we need a very thin frame, with very thin arms.

Also, we removed the plastic end of the arm so it would be thinner. The frame was titanium and frameless.

I can tell you that it still touched the hearing aid, but the rubbing was minimal and more comfortable than before.

This solution worked because of the person face shape, but you can try this and maybe it will work. I think it is a good idea to try thinner frames, and I think the best thing is to try on the frames so you can feel it.

To find out if you can use your old lenses in a new frame read this article:

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Hope this helps,

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