Objects past 20' are blurry

by Brian

Q: I have just gotten new glasses (Visio lenses, the newest Physio I'm told)) and everything seems fine up to 20'.

However, past 20' everything past approximately 20' appears very blurry in my right eye and my vision seems off balance while driving or flying.

I am an EMS helicopter pilot and count on my far vision. My left eye is fine and there is almost no prescription in it.

My optometrist says there is nothing he can do and has not tried to help me further.

Is there something else I can try? Can another prescription be added for far vision?

When I look through the very top of the lens just under the frame I can get everything in focus.

A: Hello

As you explain, I think the far vision diopters is placed too high in the frame, so you look far with your intermediate diopters which are too strong for far vision.

This problem may occur when your prescription is too strong for far vision, or if the lens is not mounted correctly into the frame.

I think the best idea would be to make a fresh consultation and see if it is the prescription or the wrong mounting.

Hope this helps,

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