Now need Reading Glasses

by John

Q: I'm 42 and now need reading glasses.

My RX is for +1.75. The eye doc suggested 1/2 frames. Frankly I don't like them. Also, I'm a surgeon. I need to move from close vision to far.

The person at eye glass store seemed to have little knowledge regarding how the lenses are made, what can and cannot be done with progressives and wanted to make a quick sale.

I have ray ban frames and they fit my face well.

My question:

Can I change the position of the reading portion of the glasses to be higher?

I want 100% clear on top and to have the reading area lifted higher so that my sight line is natural. Currently have to look just over bottom of frames to get the 1.75. The distance/clear part is ok.

Can they move the power position up without decreasing the available clear portion?

I don't know how the lenses are made and what the limitation on placement of the reading portion are. Money is no issue, just need to see clearly for far (distance vision greater than 20/40).

If I can, I dont want a bifocal. Any ideas?

Known any lense maker who could do it and will truly listen to my situation and needs. I need full coverage of eyes for surgery with naturally placed reading (1.75 placed in the intermediate area seems plausible).

They simply told me that other options were not possible. I doubt this is the case but I could be wrong. Thanks.

A: Hello John

The progressive lens idea is to cover the far, intermediate and close vision.

The situation is indeed a little bit complicated because the lens is made from 3 parts like in this picture:

Progressive Lenses

...having a bigger part for one type of vision will sacrifice the other. But there are a few solutions.

First is the overcompensate the close vision diopters, for example you need +1.75 but make the close vision area +2.00, so the +1.75 will not be at the edge of the lens but a little bit higher, and depending how high you want it, you can put +2.25, and the far vision diopters leave the same as prescription.

In this case, you will have at the edge bigger diopters so consider that when using the glasses.

I can also recommend you a higher frame, to have a bigger space between diopters so you have a more clear image.

Another solution is choosing a special lens, I understand that Essilor has this progressive lens but I'm sure other companies have it, it is a special lens, custom made individually for each customer, that you can choose the dimensions of every diopter so it can serve you perfectly.

You can see this HERE

I can recommend you the Varilux S with 4D tech.

I think this is the best solution for you, ask your optician about this.

The last option would be to have a separate eyeglass for work, it is called office lens, this is not progressive but degressive, this means it only has the intermediate and close vision, but larger each from top to bottom, and this I think it could be more efficient.

But, no far vision, only intermediate and close, just work glasses.

About the bifocals, I think it is important to you to have an intermediate vision, in the operating room, so I think they are not a valid option.

If we can help more, please do not hesitate to write us and we find a solution together.

Hope this helps


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